Drigg For Drupal and 10 Of The Sites That Use It

With the Drigg social news system for Drupal becoming a popular choice for starting your own digg, reddit or mixx featured website a common question is what sites are using Drigg. This article lists ten active websites that have deployed the Drigg for Drupal system in a live environment, we also only listed sites that are established, active and have made an effort with their site design


WPscoop | Wordpress Social News and Bookmarking











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Author: Lincoln on October 17th, 2008

Category: Drigg

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  1. foxiewire says:

    Nice! thank you Lincoln ;)

  2. japundit says:

    Thanks for the mention. Nice to be included in the same breath as such nice company.

  3. Wim Mostrey says:

    Now all we need is a Drigg that reports Drupal related news.

  4. Lincoln says:


    This idea was actually proposed at drupal a few weeks back. ;)


  5. Wim Mostrey says:


    I know, I’m the once that proposed it ;)

  6. matt says:

    I like the use of color in WPscoop and Japundit. Japundit has some funny content… WPscoop is very sharp with the dark background and Thick Border.

    Im working on new Drigg for Drupal site right now. I will leave a note with a link soon.

    Great Blog!


  7. Edward.H says:

    one more drigg website:webmasterclip.com ,thanks

  8. James says:

    Hi, first I learned drigg by doing a digg-like in french with D5, then after a few months I did one in english with D6, I took the basic theme and modified it a little.

    I’ll be announcing Drupal news too, in the technology category, but we’re still to witness the birth of a drigg site dedicated to drupal. The problem is that the main coder, tony mobily has found a girlfriend and things to do other than fixing bugs and improve on the module. So we’re pretty much at a halt in development for months. It doesn’t bring confidence in webmasters, and honestly you need to know drupal first before setting up a site with drigg.

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