Drigg The Digg Like Module For Drupal Has Been Upgraded To v1.15

drigglogosmall.jpgDrigg the digg like module for drupal has been upgraded to v1.15, bug-fixes and additions galore drigg is really shaping up nicely as an alternative to pligg for Social Voting Webmasters.

Some of the features of drigg v1.15 are below.

  1. Drigg now uses Drupal 5.7
  2. Drigg now includes the as yet undocumented RSS importer. This had never been used in a production site.
  3. Some new youtube-like video formats (metacafe, collegehumor, revver, veoh)
  4. Completely new karma infrastructure. This is actually huge… Drigg now has a plug-in architecture for Karma. Now for example it’s possible to set the system so that anybody who votes gets 0.1 karma points.
  5. Many Bug fixes

Drigg Home Page: http://www.drigg-code.org/

Drigg Demo: http://www.drigg.org & http://www.fsdaily.com

Drigg Download: http://drupal.org/project/drigg

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Author: Lincoln on February 22nd, 2008

Category: Drigg

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