Drigg The Drupal Based Digg Clone Module v1.0 Released For Download

drigg1.pngAs promised by the creator Tony Mobily the highly anticipated Drigg Module which allows anyone to create a digg.com like site using the Drupal CMS system is now available for download. v1.0 of the Drigg module was posted for download at the official Drigg project page on drupal.org. Drigg also allows webmsaters using the pligg cms system to import their entire existing site to Drigg.

Drigg is a powerful Drupal module that allows you to create Digg and Pligg-like web sites.

Unlike other Drupal-based solutions, Drigg only needs:

* VotingAPI — a powerful Voting API available for Drupal

* A voting form based on the VotingAPI. The forms of choice are provided by Extra Voting Forms written by the same author

* The User Karma module, written by the same author


* Flexible voting. You can use any voting form you like, as long as it’s based on VotingAPI. The voting form of choice, Extra Voting Forms, allow you to pick from 4 different voting forms: select box, select box with negative votes only, up/down, up only (ala Digg)

* Easy, easy theming. The example theme provided is based on zen. Drigg provides bot the original zen theme, and the “modified” version. It’s very easy to spot the differences. To create your own theme, you can either customise the zen theme, or pick another starting theme and apply the differences (for example, you will need to place the voting form for scoops and comments)

* STRONG separation between code and theme. Unlike other systems, Drigg separates the module’s logic and the presentation very carefully.

* Plays well with Drupal. You can set Drigg as your home page, or you can decide not to do that. This means that Drigg will play well with your existing web sites.

* Good code, easy bug fixing. Feel free to browse through the source: it’s neat, extremely well commented, and tidy. THismeans that finding bugs is easier.

* Automatic votingYou can set a number of users as the “bosses”, and other users as “slaves”. The system will make sure that the “slaves” assign a random number of votes to the nodes voted by the “bosses”. This will make it easier to startup your site without becoming schizophrenic :-D

* Automatic role assignment.You can assign roles to people according to their karma amount, and (more importantly) to their karma ranking.

Demo: Drigg Code Demo Page | FSDaily Demo Page

Homepage: Drigg Code HomePage

Download: Drigg Drupal Module v1.0

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