Dugg Plazza, Create A Digg-like site With Joomla

Do you want to make a website just like digg.com with joomla? Try this, Dugg Plazza. Dugg plazza is a template from template plazza that is dedicated to make a website with joomla where your visitors can share or vote articles that they like, just like in digg.com. Whether you have an existing Joomla website that you want to add social voting features or are simply a Joomla fan who wants an easy way to launch a digg like social news website Dugg Plazza will be exactly what your looking for.


The Dugg Plazza template is completed with the uniquely coded tpdugg components, an article sharing social component that is specially designed for dugg plazza. This component has features like: submit stories form, ajax-based vote system, commenting system, tags, etc. Not to forget, this component also completed with 3 supportive modules, they are; tpdugg module, tpdugg directory module and tpdugg tags module, in which each of them has a function to enrich the feature and performance of the dugg plazza itself.

TPDugg (Component + Modules) Explained

TPDugg is a social article sharing component for joomla. With this component, you can make a website just like digg.com with joomla, where your visitors or users can share articles, voted it, or give a comment about it, just like so many social sharing websites, such as; digg.com, stumbleupon, misterwong, reddit, etc!

This module has a function to show 3 types of TPDugg contents; based on the latest submitted item, the highest voted item and the most-commented item. It also can be arranged based on the time line, for example; the latest item from last week, last month, etc.

Beside that, this module also has features that made it more flexible, such as feature to choose what section and category to display, feature to choose layout module; standard or simple, and many others. You can arrange everything through the backend page of this module.

Joomla users have been waiting for a digg type system to be released and so far Dugg Plazza should tick all the buttons if you are a Joomla user.

Demo and Download: Dugg Plazza, Create A Digg-like site With Joomla

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Author: Lincoln on July 13th, 2009

Category: Joomla


  1. John says:

    Great post! There are a lot of different types to systems out now that try to do this (drigg, pligg, socialwebcms, dugg plazza, etc.) It would be interesting if you created a post that compared all the different systems out there.



  2. Lincoln says:

    Hi John, we had already written such a post in the past but since Pligg have now released v1.0 and Dugg Plazza has surfaced it might be time to write a new post comparing all systems ;)

    PS. Loving DesignBump’s new look oh! and more importantly lack of spam :D

  3. Denny Sugar says:

    Nice find Lincoln! Was about to start on a new swcms site but been having some cocetns about how widely supported that will get. The joomla community is very active with lots of add-ons. Might be worth a shot.

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