DesignMoo Another Design And Development Social Voting Website

DesignMoo which launched around June of this year is a social voting website like aimed at design and web development enthusiasts. DesignMoo have chosen to build their website using the Drigg for Drupal system which easily enables anyone to launch a Digg Type website.


DesignMoo has all the features you would expect with a Drupal/Drigg based Website, Submission of Links, Voting, Commenting, User Profiles etc.

The begging question though is can DesignMoo compete in what can be considered an already over saturated marketplace with existing more established Design Digg Style websites like DesignBump, Dzone etc taking a large share of DesignMoo’s target traffic.? Without having something new, a better way of doing what it competitors are doing  in our opinion could make it a hard struggle for DesignMoo to compete with the more established brands.

Visit DesignMoo: DesignMoo Another Design And Development Social Voting Website

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Author: Lincoln on July 13th, 2009

Category: Drigg, Drupal


  1. Felipe says:


    I’m looking for a template that will allow me to create a picture rating website. I want users to be able to upload a collection of pictures and have other users vote on the ones they like the most. I like the voting layout in this website:

    Something where I can either vote up or down.

    Do you think you can help me out?



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