Hao Hao Report Switches From Pligg To Drigg And Explains Why

Hao Hao Report, a Digg-like social bookmarking/link sharing site that focuses on blog posts and news articles related to China is the latest site to move away from the flawed pligg social news system.  Dao By Design who control Hao Hao Report have recently written a interesting blog post explaining why they decided to change from pligg in favor of drigg for drupal. This is yet another blow to pligg as Dao by Design are experienced pligg users which goes to prove the system is really only an option for the hobbyist and not for professional level deployment.

Hao Hao Report is not the first site in the past couple of weeks to discard the pligg system, FoxieWire one of the most trafficked and well know pligg based site has also now moved to drigg as have some others. Dao’s decision to change system also echo’s the reasons given by many other pligg users that seek other systems or migrate to drigg, it’s good to see others writing about their own experiences with pligg and builds a better picture of pligg’s real world usage experience and the inevitable problems that users of the pligg system encountered.

It would now seem that Drupals Drigg is the system of choice for social bookmarking or news sites, Drigg options, features and community far outweigh anything pligg  has to offer. The other bonus is Drupal don’t try to charge for substandard and sometimes essential addons and has a great bug tracking system.

Full Article: Why I switched from Pligg to Drupal’s Drigg

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Author: Lincoln on September 18th, 2008

Category: Pligg

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  1. DavidWard says:

    I installed Pligg a few weeks ago and have been tweaking it since. It works pretty well and there’s some nice templates available. I decided to try Drigg and had a tough time installing it with Drupal but did eventually get it working. I must say that I like Drigg/Drupals admin UI much better but the overall performance and UI of Pligg is much better IMO.

  2. anilrgowda says:

    i do have 2 sbookmarking sites http://www.jeqq.com
    n http://www.dapx.com i like dapx.com bcos of the cms drigg.pligg sucks

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