DesignBump “The Digg For Designers Website” Launches New Design a popular social voting site for design related topics have just launched a great new modern looking design of their own. The new design which we think looks fantastic very much improves on previous versions and gives a cool modern look to the site.

DesignBump is a site we at Social CMS Buzz have been using since it’s initial launch as a Digg type site for Design based topics in July 2008. Since it’s launch DesignBump which is based on Drupal and uses the Drigg set of Modules has went through several design changes. The new design over at DesignBump we consider to be the best to date being clean, modern and easy on the eye as we are sure you will agree from the Hompage Screenshot Below.

Other cool things that have been added to design bump is contained on the story page where users can easily see stats from other social bookmarking sites and twitter relating to your story url. At the moment visitors/members can easily submit your url (Not the designbump submissions url) to Reddit, Digg, Twitter (Retweet), DesignFloat, a set of dynamic buttons showing number of retweets, diggs etc is displayed below your submitted article.

This is a great little improvement especially as others may digg or retweet your article on these sites ultimately gaining you some more traffic in the process. See the screenshot below to see the changes to the DesignBump story page.

Other notable changes are in Members profile pages that have had a complete overhaul and a new portfolio feature added aimed at designers to show off their work. See an image of the new DesignBump profile page below.

We really like all the changes so far to DesignBump seeing them as a great improvement and it’s definitely a site we would recommend that you check out for yourselves.

Visit: DesignBump share and discover the best design related links from around the web.

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Author: Lincoln on July 3rd, 2009

Category: Drigg, Drupal, Planet Drupal


  1. bbrian017 says:

    were they ever using pligg? Seems right now they are using drigg. You can tell because to see who voted and to see related topic the page requires a reload and I think that’s a draw back.

    The site does look much better!

    Very unique design

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hey Brian, DesignBump has always used Drupal – Drigg from it’s conception. I would guess they chose Drigg over Pligg due to the problems DesigFloat have encountered using Pligg as well as researching both systems ;) as for the pageload on who voted and related topic it has never really bothered me that much and is the same as

    They could however be easily swished up with some Javascript though if needs must :)

  3. I actually just wrote an article about this too, but yours was a bit more in-depth than mine. :) I am also looking forward to see what DesignBump can bring to the table, and I think it’s going to surpass DesignFloat very soon.

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