Yet More Proof Of Pligg Ripping Code Straight From Social Web CMS Project’s SVN

Back on the 1st of August when the latest revision of the Pligg CMS system v9.9.5 was released we revealed that in the Pligg Team’s desperation to release a new version of Pligg they had simply ripped off most of the code base from the YADC system that was released a full day before Pligg v9.9.5. It would seem that some 10 days on from that incident the Pligg team still can’t seem to help themselves from lifting code and modules from the new Social Web CMS (Formerly YADC) SVN. Pligg’s feeble attempts to make development look as though it’s actually being driven by the Pligg team when in fact the are simply copying some code over from another system, is the simpy latest in a long line of recent PR disatster’s by Pligg.

The first we noticed Pligg were getting 80% of their current code fixes and security patches from a competitors system Social Web CMS was when v9.9.5 of pligg was released the day after the Social Web CMS. When both code bases were compared the were almost identical and the SVN times at pligg showed they had added all their updates hours after the Social Web CMS project had orignially applied them to the Social Web CMS SVN.

You can see some proof of the Pligg Teams Actions with the screenshot’s in the original article we wrote titled “Pligg Beta v9.9.5 Released Or Should We Call It YADC?“.

Pligg even had the cheek to claim tell their community that the fixes suddenly all came thanks to a 3rd party coder they hired, the truth is they ripped all the code from the Social Web CMS system. Ten days on from the release of pligg v9.9.5 the Pligg Developers YankiDank and ChuckRoast are continuing to take code directly from the Social Web CMS system SVN to add to their now struggling Pligg project. How do we know this, well i decided to carry out a little experiment on the Social Web CMS Projects SVN.


Most Pligg users will probably have used out Image Upload v1.03 Module for Pligg that we originally released for v9.9.0 compatibility of the pligg CMS system back on the 3rd March this year. We decided to edit a version of this module specifically for the Social Web CMS system SVN, and left some text in the readme file of the image upload module to Indicate it was updated for the Social Web CMS system.

We then uploaded that edited version of the image upload module to the Social Web CMS SVN, now the only copy in existence of this particular mosule version of the Image Upload Module is on the Social Web CMS SVN. Unless you were to access the development SVN and download that particular module there is no other way to get it as it has never been released publicly.

Isn’t it peculiar then when you browse the current Pligg SVN or download the Latest Pligg Aplha SVN package available from pliggs forums that the module updated by myself and had only ever been made available from the Social Web CMS Development SVN has suddenly appeared within the current pligg SVN?

Before uploading the Image Upload module to the Social Web CMS SVN i changed the modules readme file and inserted “Updated to work with Social Web CMS.” as the description, the module added shorty afterwards to the pligg SVN also has this text present in the readme file indisputably showing the took this module straight from the Social Web CMS SVN. What this shows is Pligg continue to rip code and  modules from the Social Web CMS SVN to give a false we are hard at work please donate to us impression to their community.

The same day i submitted the Image Upload module to the Social Web CMS SVN i also submitted the XML Sitemaps v0/9 module at  the same time, and what do you know the pligg SVN shows that they added the Social Web CMS Image Upload Module and XML Sitemaps v0.9 Module to the Pligg SVN some nine hours after they had been added to the Social Web CMS SVN.

The Alpaha SVN is available from the pligg forums This is the version with the Social Web CMS Image Upload Module Present.

Below is an image of the Pligg revision 42 SVN zip file open in winrar and the readme file from that packages image upload module open in PSPad. As you can see the description matches what we described, showing that Pligg got the module from Social Web’s SVN.

Social Web CMS SVN (YADC)

Below is an image of dates and time’s that both the Image Upload and XML Sitemaps module were added to the Social Web CMS SVN.

Pligg SVN

Below is an image showing nine hours later Eric Heikkinen aka YankiDank from pligg adding the Social Web SVN modules to the pligg SVN after downloading  them straight from the Social Web CMS SVN.

No other image module had that specific text within the readme description other than the one that was added to the Social Web SVN. Pligg have been struggling for months to find a developer or simply get another version of their system to release standard. With many of the top pligg contributors heading over to the Social Web CMS project pligg has now resorted totaking most of it’s current code base from Social Web CMS to simply survive.

The Image Upload Module is open source and anyone can use it thats something we are not disputing in this article, the only dispute is the fact that Pligg got the module from the Social Web CMS SVN. They could have downloaded the same module from our forums but chose not too as the are only interested in watching what Social Web CMS are adding and then ripping code direct from the SVN for use in their own system. By doing this pligg hope to keep their project alive as without the code from Social Web CMS the wouldn’t have been able to release v9.9.5 with the security fixes that they got from the Social Web CMS SVN or continue to make their development look as though it’s actually progressing.

When you get past the fake facade the pligg team have failed so miserably to put on over these past seven months it would seem that the pligg project isn’t out of troubled times just yet.

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Author: Lincoln on August 11th, 2008

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  1. ditto says:

    Thank you for this article and all the others you have posted that share some light over this issue.

    YankiDank should be ashamed for ripping off the code from YADC without giving credit. Also he has delete my post at the Pligg forum where i asked him why he was ripping of your code and not giving you any credit (wich i posted the last time you wrote about this).

    I regret that i ever donated money to Pligg! Is YADC (Social Web CMS) open for donation? I would like to donate a small amount …

    I wish Ash and you, Lincoln all the very best with the fork! (Ash has helped me a lot in the Pligg forums in the past, and is one person that i really respect). YankiDank (from Pligg) on the other hand, has done nothing but disappoint me, delete my critics in the forum, and ban me from posting in several forum threads.

    I really hope the very best for YADC (Social Web CMS), because i don’t want to be dependent on Pligg, and only have bad feelings about Pligg … :-(

  2. catchall says:

    thats software piracy copyright infringement
    moderator with split personality disorder should go its only brings the site down splitroast.

    I cant see any support just stupid comments READ THE FORUMS ITS BEEN POSTED from a moderator
    what hosting, and your wife’s name or first born, do you believe in god .
    I cant re create this bug so it must me the users fault.

    cant make any suggestions all good ideas must come from a moderator or ripped modules from a moderator then sell it on the store

    liars and cheats

  3. Geoserv says:

    This is priceless! Chuckroast and Yankidank are 2 of the biggest hypocrits in history.

    Always preaching about giving credit and not stealing and here we go again, twice in the last week or so.

    Chuckroast and Yankidank should look and feel like crap.

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