Project Gazelle: Bittorrent Tracker CMS System Code Goes Public

Project Gazelle BitTorrent Tracker CMSProject Gazelle is a light weight bittorrent index and tracker CMS system that has been in closed development and testing for some months now. The Project Gazelle Team have now announced public release and access to the SVN of the Gazelle Project, With sites like and Ntorrents already using this CMS Project Gazelle is bound to find a quick and loyal following.

Over the past few years several things have shaped the internet we know today, one of the most prevelant advancement’s is file sharing, BitTorent use in particular has exploded during this time.

There have been tracker scripts around for a while now with TBsource probably being the most well know and widley used, TBsource was starting to get a little long in the tooth though not to mention having some security issues etc. This is where the Project Gazelle team come in writing a whole new CMS that claims to greatly improve speed over other solutions, and can handle twice the number of users that a TBsource install can handle.

Project Gazelle is designed to run on dedicated servers or servers you have root access to and utilizes memcache, If you don’t have memcache installed on your server you will be rewuired to install it hence the need for root access.

Danga Interactive originally developed memcached to enhance the speed of, a site which was already doing 20 million+ dynamic page views per day for 1 million users with a bunch of webservers and a bunch of database servers. memcached dropped the database load to almost nothing, yielding faster page load times for users, better resource utilization, and faster access to the databases on a memcache miss.

Currently, the only way to access the code is via SVN. The SVN address is, and the username and password are both gazelle.

Visit: Project Gazelle

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Author: Lincoln on August 24th, 2008

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