Want Your Own Custom Digg? Wait Six Months

Digg Social NewsIn january this year Reddit announced the ability for users to create there very own custom reddit sites, custom reddit content is moderated by the created Reddit’s owner and selected moderators. Wouldn’t it be cool if Digg allowed this sort of custom digg feature, according to Digg CEO Jay Adelson in six months it will.

Reddit has had the ability for users to create custom reddit’s for around eight months now, one of the most popular is Reddit L33T which focus’s on Elite Tech News and is moderated by MG Siegler, Louis Gray, Frederic and Steven Hodson.

Digg.com will soon let members create and manage their own Digg sub-sites, according to Adelson, who said:

The feature was about 6 months from launch. Adelson said the move will open Digg up to new verticals and make it possible for stories that wouldn’t make the cut on the main Digg site to find an audience. Users will be able to control the threshold for submitted articles being promoted to the front page of these.

Very interesting indeed as users could create, control and manage their very own niche digg site using all of diggs great features.

You can read more from the Digg Chicago Town Hall Meetup over at The Windy Citizen

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Author: Lincoln on July 26th, 2008

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