Pligg Fails To Sell After Three Months

Back in August of this year TechCrunch reported that Pligg was for sale, It would now seem that three months all indications are pointing towards a NO SALE. Could it have been the overestimated $150′000 asking price, over inflated active user numbers or the fact that the Affero license the original Meneame was released under would make the codebase un-ownable, who really know’s.

One of my theory’s would be that Pligg simply asked too much for what they can offer in hard cash returns for any buyer or investor. As with any investment the main reason is to make money and at the moment Pligg is not doing so well in that department, Another factor may be that the Pligg team wanted to use some of the invested cash to pay for a full time coder for Pligg? Again this is ideally not something an investor wants to hear, give me your money so i can pay myself or a new employee a salary?

If the Pligg Developers believed in their product enough and it was actually generating a revenue stream one of them would already be Full Time on the project, But it simply isn’t.

The Pligg Developers also recently posted on their Blog looking for a developer to code Vbulletin Integration with Pligg and ere prepared to pay for the services. The previous VB Integration module stopped working after Pligg v9.6 was released leaving a lot of existing Pligg sites that were using the VB Module suddenly without forum integration, surely this is something the Pligg Developers could have coded themselves when it was really needed and requested months ago?

Over all development on the Pligg project seemed to have slowed over the past 5 months, this could be due to working on other projects behind the scenes or spending more time coding PLIGG V2.0 which when complete should allow the Developers to sell the code, as it has been indicated that codebase has been coded from scratch, codeigniter was mentioned as the framework.

Will Pligg sell in the Future, Maybe? but the Developers will need to get their act together and become more professional in their product and commitments to the project treating it and dedicating themselves like a company and not like a hobby as seems to be the case at the moment.

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Author: Lincoln on December 11th, 2007

Category: Pligg

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