Drigg Codebase Finished and scheduled for release around 21st December

drupal_logo.thumbnail.pngLate last week we wrote about a great new Drupal Module Titled Drigg from Tony Mobily, The new Drigg module allows webmasters to create a Digg like social voting site with the popular Drupal CMS. Drigg has been running in a live enviromet over at fsdaily.com for a few weeks now virtually bug free and an announcement has been released at drigg-code.org that the Drigg Module should be released to the public around the 21st December.

Quote: drigg-code.org
Here is a brief update on Drigg.
The software itself is finished – for now. There are some features I would love to have, but it looks like there are no outstanding bugs right now.

The one thing Drigg _really_ needs now is a good skin. This is why www.drigg.org right now is an old photograph of fsdaily.com right now, and looks very wrong: it’s being fixed and improved by Alan, who will make it look good in the next 3/4 days. Stay tuned!

SocialCMSBuzz has tested an SVN copy of Drigg and the module is very well designed, we will save our review however for the official release version of Drigg but let’s just say it looks very promising even at this early stage. The fact that a webmaster can also add any other module available for the Drupal CMS system is a really exciting thought and should allow for some really individual configurations.

Click over to drigg-code.org for more information.

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Author: Lincoln on December 17th, 2007

Category: Drigg

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  1. James says:

    I’m really impressed with the amount of quality work that has been provided by a one man dedication over the course of 10 weeks…
    In fact when I learned about this, I was putting the final touches to a Pligg new site in French…

    Pligg is “ok” as the best option there is anyway.
    But I’ll give Drigg a try, I’m thinking of starting a new domain name in english for a fresh install of Drigg and then evaluate the work for a french translation.
    I’d like ideally to start on a Drupal 6 final install with Drigg module updated too. So let’s say sometimes towards the end of january if we can be optimistic (regarding Drupal 6 final)

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