Seriously? Pligg Wins 3rd Best Most Promising CMS From Packt Publishing

Anyone who has had the displeasure of working with or owning a Pligg website will know exactly how bad the system actually is in a real world live web environment. Packt Publishing on the other hand seem to think that Pligg is in fact the third most promising CMS (And we use the term CMS lightly) system available to the open source community.

Pligg is a system that we and many other unfortunate experienced individuals have actually used to huge disappointment for a live project to create social news websites much like Nearly all of the Pligg sites that have started in the past few years have failed because of certain factors of pligg none more so than spam submissions. So how could a system that’s caused so many website owners constant headaches come third in the Packt Publishing “Most Promising CMS” category?

From The Pact Awards Page

We are pleased to announce that ImpressCMS has won the Most Promising Open Source CMS Category in the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. While ImpressCMS took first place in this category, Pixie and Pligg weren’t far behind and settled for a tie in the first runner up spot.

ImpressCMS has featured in the top three in this category for the second time in a row, and has lived up to its reputation this year by winning the top spot.

Pixie and Pligg, on the other hand, featured in this category for the first time and managed to impress a lot of judges with their quality and support.

Here’s the distribution of the prize fund for this category:

      ImpressCMS: $2,000
      Pixie: $1,000
      Pligg: $1,000

The real giveaway that the judges have never actually used pligg or tried to ask for support on their forums is this sentence below where they talk about quality and support.

Pixie and Pligg, on the other hand, featured in this category for the first time and managed to impress a lot of judges with their quality and support.

Quality and support is something that Pligg has never been and remains pretty much unknown for, the support forums over at Pligg are full of support questions for a reason.

Only this week v1.0.2 of the Pligg system was released only for users to find out within a few hours that this new version is jam packed full of security vulnerabilities. Not only is v1.0.2 released with some serious vulnerabilities but apparently it’s going to take ten days for v1.0.3 to be released to fix these vulnerabilities.

If your really looking to start a social news website check out Drigg or the upcoming HotaruCMS instead.

Visit The Packt Awards Results Page Here: Packt CMS Awards Results.

Have you in the past or currently use pligg if so whats your views on the system and do you think it deserves it’s third place result?

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Author: Lincoln on November 26th, 2009

Category: Pligg

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  1. Patrik says:

    Good post!
    Acctually I’m planning on leaving pligg for the new Hotaru CMS that just went in to beta. It was started by nick who runs the site and what he has accopmlished in just a few months is more than pligg has done since it started several years ago.

  2. catchpen says:

    This is like the webs equivalent to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. Chris says:

    Okay still trying to get my head around this one? I have tried to use pligg twice for projects one at v9.9.5 and then again at v1.0.0 and above, both of these time were a complete nightmare with many headaches and problems due to the system.

    None of you may be interested but here are my two cents anyways.

    Did Pligg place third and win $1,000 because of it’s flawless…

    1. Constant and uncontrollable spam submissions.
    2. Drastically poor support.
    3. Less than speedy resolutions to security and bugfixes.
    4. What would seem like 100’s of disgruntled sick of the project users.
    5. Paid modules and templates for an unstable and poorly coded core.
    6. Complicated theme system that no beginner, intermediate or expert can be bothered to develop or maintain themes for.
    7. Very little if any project transparency where development is concerned.
    8. Poor administration, management features with some that feel like an afterthought and make what should be simple task damn near impossible at times.

    After using and developing for systems like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla Pligg feels positively amateur, poorly devised and frustrating in comparison. Needless to say i wont be using pligg again as it’s just too time consuming to administrate or fix each week or update when it breaks.

    As the author stated packt definitely did not use this system for a week in a real life situation, from personal experience it wouldn’t have come third and they would also have very little hair remaining if they had.

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