Xml Sitemaps Module version 0.8 For Pligg Released By PatchLog.com

pligg_seo.thumbnail.gifPatchlog.com have just released a great update to the pligg XML Site Maps module for v9.9.0. The Pligg XML Sitemap module is now at v0.8 and has had many improvements and bug fixes made to the latest version, some of the improvements include a cache feature so the site maps are not regenerated continuously along with an important date format fix.Below is a list of all the updates and fixes since v0.5 was released.

  • v0.8 26 April 2008 really fix date format this time ( details )
  • v0.7 17 April 2008 fix a bug in date format and add cache ( details )
  • v0.6 15 April 2008
    • use category safe name in category links
    • respect URLMethod when generating category links
    • modified to work on php4

You can download the new v0.8 module from the patchlog website here http://patchlog.com/xmlsitemapspligg/

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Author: Lincoln on April 27th, 2008

Category: Pligg Modules

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  1. hue says:

    Is it working with version 9.9.5 of Pligg?

  2. Yeah there’s a 0.9 version for some time now. You can download it from the same page.

    to the author: you should really think about timestamping your posts.

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