Pligg Refute Claims Yet Do Exactly What The Article Revealed.

So yesterday an article on Pligg Problems that caused some controversy with pligg refuting it all as lies once again in their automatic defense mechanism, We noticed a pingback on our article from the pligg forums where a user kieths had posted a link to our article and asked YankiDank some questions. Guess what the post started well nearly managing to have a mature conversation, but as usual then it was deleted keeping in line with our article’s so called false accusations.

When we followed the pingback yesterday we took a snap of the thread which was deleted shortly afterwards, it’s worth noting the reason this thread was deleted is not shown in the image snap and was after YankiDank replied as he was then asked to explain a particular statement from the pligg blog below.
Quote YankiDank

I have also hired a third party expert to analyze and patch any security holes that might still exist in Pligg. I have also hired a part time coder to assist in developing Pligg over the next month as we approach 1.0. Any updates that I receive from either of these people will be added to the SVN and shortly after that the next Pligg version.

This blog post above from pligg contains a paragraph stating that pligg had hired a 3rd party coder to fix all the security patches in pligg which far from the truth. And asking this question and quoting the same text as above is what eventually got kieths thread deleted at pligg.

But who was the first mystery expert pligg hired to patch the holes before this release? nobody is the answer because the lifted the code from a competing systems SVN as we revealed that had been patched and released by AshDigg a full 24hrs previous to pligg.

Good job pligg keep it up and your not acting like our article suggested in any way.

And if you are kieths who posted at pligg we would love to hear from you.

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Author: Lincoln on September 2nd, 2008

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  1. Stephen says:

    @ Christopher,

    This isn’t the first post i have seen deleted at pligg and have experienced this myself for asking a question about the MYSQL and pligg_pageviews table size and overall load pligg places on the server, i got one reply, answered the reply and when i returned a few hours later the post was deleted for no reason that could be valid.

    Very interesting indeed when you zoom in on the image as chris said no real reason for a ban apart from Pligg once again couldn’t seem to answer simple questions or most probably didn’t want too.

    What is interesting though is in one reply to Keiths Yankidank admits to stealing or as he put it Borrowing? security patches from SWCMS, personally the reason behind this threads deletion is not because of what Keith’s asked but looks more to be Yankidank regretting what he posted and giving too much information that again seem no more than fabrication anyways.

    I use, participate and contribute to many open source projects, happily though pligg isn’t one of them which i think was a wise choice. The impression i get of the current team at pligg is that they look like Blaggers, and Blaggers in business always fail as pligg are now doing.

    Pligg is not a CMS system it’s a bug laden scam to try and generate revenue, pligg also seem to have way too many contradictions and inconsistencies in there replies to hold any credibility.

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