Free Web Hosting Services That You Wont Want To Overlook

Remember the days when free web hosting accounts meant low resource allocation with Bandwidth, Web Space and Server features like PHP, MySQL being a rare occurrence, well thankfully those days are behind us and there are now a few excellent free hosting companies that can get your web project up and running for free.

Free Web Hosing sounds too good to be true and usually that’s the case, there are hoverer a few services that provide excellent web hosting packages for free that might just make you sit up and take notice of them.



000Webhost is a web hosting service that offers a fantastic package for free with No Forced Advertisements and fully featured hosting options.

  • Disk Space: 1500 MB = 1.5GB!
  • Bandwidth: 100,000 MB = 100 GB!
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Your Own Domain: Yes
  • Control Panel: cPanel
  • Database: MySQL 5
  • PHP 5: Yes
  • Ads on your pages?: No Ads or Banners!
  • Your own ads allowed?: Yes

Some of the features and specification of this hosting package is the equivalent of most paid hosting services. Whether you are looking for some free hosting to launch your site with or simply looking for some development space to mirror you site on to perform updates and changes safely before committing to your live site 000Webhost is worth checking out.

Visit: 000Webhost



We are one of the small amount of free web hosting services to offer features such as PHP, MySQL databases, FTP, and to top it off serve no annoying ads on your web pages. Uptime and server performance are important to us and this is why we provide a generous amount of web space and bandwidth so you and your visitors will not suffer strict limitations. Daily secure backups are also important to us, surprisingly many free web hosting providers do not backup your data – we do.

  • Disk Space: 6000 MB = 6GB!
  • Bandwidth: 50,000 MB = 50 GB!
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Your Own Domain: Yes
  • Control Panel: cPanel
  • Database: MySQL 5
  • PHP 5: Yes
  • Ads on your pages?: No Ads or Banners!
  • Your own ads allowed?: Yes

Zymic is another impressive free web host that has enough features available for just about any project’s requirements.

Visit: Zymic

These two services just go to show that in 2009 if your tight on cash due to the credit crunch you don’t necessarily need to splash out on web hosting for the first few months of your sites existence. Both of these hosting plans allow you to use your own domain name if you wish and are capable of running nearly all popular web scripts like Drupal, Wordpress, Social Web CMS, Pligg, Joomla etc.

Allbeit free web hosting packages are not for ideal for everyone or every site but with specifications and features like 000Webhost and Zymic are offering it’s definitely an option for anyone looking into honest free hosting for development or to simply get your site started with.

For a demo of Pligg v9.9.5 running on 000Webhost check here Pligg Demo

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Author: Lincoln on January 7th, 2009

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    Please how can I publish my web site for free..

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    Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

  5. Magnus says:

    000Webhost is a scam. At least when it comes to their affiliate program. Nobody gets paid.

  6. Mehedi Hasan says:

    Nice share… Thanks :)

  7. Rony says:

    I used Zymic.. Its great :)

  8. Jackson says:

    Looks good, But free web hosting… how long does it last, whats the down time like? probably use it on websites that are ot important.

  9. Robert says:

    Thank you for the good information…

    If these free hosting companies don’t put advertising on your website I wonder what their business angle is, how do they make their money?

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