SEO-MIX: A Pligg Site Dedicated To The Art Of SEO

seomixlogo.jpgSEO Mix is a social voting web site dedicate to the topic of SEO, built on the pligg system and using a customized version of our very own Convergence template SEO Mix shows what can be achieved with some suttle changes to a popular template. There are already more than a few SEO related pligg sites up and running so competition is high in this particular field, with the more established site’s having been live for some time now can SEO Mix grab a share of the marketplace?.


The layout of SEO MIX is as you would expect from a Pligg Based site with the usual upcoming and published pages, The upcoming page holds all the most recently submitted content whilst the published page ie Home-Page is reserved for the most voted content. Voting on articles is an important part of SEO MIX as ultimately this is what controls how the submitted content is displayed, all voting and content control is placed firmly in the hands of the users negating the need for site editors.

Categories on SEO MIX are plainly laid out which makes content discovery a fairly simple procedure, each category also has it’s own RSS feed which is a really nice feature for users who want to subscribe to a single category, it’s worth noting that each member also gets their own personal RSS feed which supplies results based on profile activity.

The actual design of SEO MIX is based on our convergence template which has been modified to provide a clean look for the site, this shows what can be achieved with a little time and a free template.

Overall i think the main stumbling block SEO MIX will face will be user interaction, with strong competition from already established PlugIM, Sphinn and of course Digg the question is can SEO MIX grab some of the traffic from these sites. It will be a hard battle for SEO MIX and we wish them all the best and success for their project.

Visit: SEO MIX

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Author: Lincoln on June 5th, 2008

Category: Pligg Sites

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  1. P.J. says: is another one to check out. It has integrated Pligg, DokuWiki and Joomla CMS into one beautiful web site to deliver social news, a community driven open source software directory and a news aggregator comprised of hundreds of open source software RSS feeds.

  2. typehost says:

    We have relaunched as a Drigg site:

    The Seo-Mix theme for Drigg 5.x can be downloaded at:

    The Drupala installation profile is an easy way to deploy an integrated social networking & social bookmarking site, based on APK, Drigg, Views, Panels, etc. –

    Drupala demo –


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