FoxieWire: The FireFox Related Pligg Site Now Linked To From Mozilla Press Page is a pligg based social news site that deals solely in Mozilla FireFox news, addons, and anything else FireFox browser related to be precise. With FireFox 3 only being released day ago and FoxieWire now being linked to from the official Mozilla press page, things can only be going upwards for this niche pligg site.


FoxieWire is all about Mozilla Firefox News, Firefox Extension’s and Mozilla Development in general. Browsing foxiewire for content is like any other pligg social news site, one thing i did notice however was the lack of an upcoming stories button. Foxiewire at the moment would seem not to use the upcoming section, where only several stories are present at the direct url destination. Hopefully as foxiewire grows in traffic the upcoming section of the site will be re-introduced to give users more control over what content is published.

Being featured on the mozilla press page might not necessarily bring flood’s of traffic, but it’s one cool link back and nice recognition for the work placed into foxiewire. If your a FireFox fan like myself Foxiewire is one site you will want to visit and hopefully participate in.

Visit: FoxieWire

Mozilla: Press Page

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Author: Lincoln on June 21st, 2008

Category: Pligg Sites

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  1. foxiewire says:

    Thank you for the post and shout out
    unfortunately we had to disable the upcoming new due the large amount of spam, foxiewire is featured in with Group Members 5216 we have a live feed on Sfx there would be nothing worse to see spam on the feeds
    if spam makes it to the feed even if the post get deleted and banned the feed will display the spam
    at this time we believe it the best way to combat the splog, we will continue to market our mozilla niche as the site grows the spammers will 2
    We are always looking to improve the site if you have the passion for mozilla Contributors: Publishers, Editors, Authors, Writers, Admins, Moderators, Programmers. contact us any time


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