Looking For A Lightbox Script? The Lightbox Clones Matrix Can Help

With so called web 2.0 features being very desirable to webmasters lightbox is probably one of the most popular used today. You may have already utilized lightbox or an alternative script to overlay content on a page, the most common uses for lightbox type effects tend to include image, video and browser display in a lightbox popup. Believe it or not there is are now a hefty 41 alternatives to the original lightbox script that perform similar effects, luckily Ozh from planetozh.com has compared all of them in a very nicely laid out table. Now you don’t need to spend hours hunting out and testing alternatives to lightbox by the dozen before you find the solution that fit’s your project best.

Lightbox Clone Scripts

Visit: The Lightbox Clones Matrix

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Author: Lincoln on July 30th, 2008

Category: Javascript

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  1. Richard says:

    I made a really light script called lighter box you can download it here: with all the files included it is 7.9kb compared to light boxes 16kb


  2. Maxim says:

    You can also take a look at Vista Photo Gallery. It’s not an exact clone of lightbox, but behave very similar..

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