7 Social Network Websites Powered By Elgg 1.5

Elgg is a self hosted php and mysql application that allows anyone to launch their own feature packed social networking site, Dave Tosh over at the elgg blog recently posted a list of sites that are running v1.5 of the Elgg system. Here are a few of our favorites from that list.

TickerHeads – Social Network for Traders of Stocks etc.


Hedgehogs – Social Network for Hedge Fund, Investment Community.


Classicrodz – Social Network for the classic car community.


The Lab – Social Network for models and their clients.


MaestroZone – Social Network for musicians.


UnTicked – Social Network for Teachers.


c4lpt.NET – Social Learning Network.


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Author: Lincoln on April 23rd, 2009

Category: Elgg

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the link here for uticked.com – we appreciate it.

    Elgg is working well for us and we are about to update to Elgg 1.5 later this month.


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