Akismet Anti-Spam v0.4a Pligg Module Released

askimet.jpgBack in December 2007 AshDigg coded a great module for pligg that aimed to improve spam protection by using the popular Askimet service that was developed by the founder of wordpress. The module worked pretty well but one drawback was the increased time it took when submitting a story, with the wait being increased to as much as 45 seconds per submission. davy68 figured out a solution to improve the submission speeds of the module when askimet was enabled, like many other fixes for pligg in the past it was however not added to the module and an update was never provided. The Akismet Anti-Spam v0.4a Pligg Module has this fix applied and can be easily installed by anyone by simply uploading the new module.

1. You’ll need a WordPress API key if you don’t already have one. You can get one here… Where is my WordPress.com API key? « WordPress.com
2. Enable the Akismet module from you Administration panel Modules
3. Access the module by using the ‘Spam’ link at the top
4. Enter your WordPress API key

If Akismet says a comment is spam, it will not be saved. It just disappears.

If Akismet says a story is spam, it is still submitted, but there will be a link at the top to either confirm or deny that it is spam. Confirming will change the status to discard.

Changes In v0.4a

Sometimes a story could take as long as 45seconds to submit when ASkimet was enabled this has now been drastically improved.

Download and Support: Akismet Anti-Spam v0.4a Pligg Module

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Author: Lincoln on March 17th, 2008

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    Sounds great! Your blog is one of my most favorite now ;) . You have hit the nail on the head, just like you always do.

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