20 Free Wordpress Themes That Make Great Starting Point’s For Customization

You can never have too many themes to choose from when starting a wordpress site, whether you plan on using the standard free themes that are available in their default guise or are looking for a base theme for customization, wordpress has a plenty of themes to choose from. Today we though that it might be nice to list some of our favorites for you.

Redoable 1.0

Vertigo Theme

Vertigo is a modern, 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress.


a theme with an integrated template engine. Allowing you to use the power of drag and drop and AJAX on any available theme. Along with the function to create as many sortable sidebars as you want Bloxpress comes with an own API allowing you and developers to create new “blocks”. That’s where the name comes from. Blocks are small pieces of code (template tags from wordpress or plugins) that can be attached live to any installed template by using the blockmenu or by configuring a layout preset.


Rounded Blue V2

Freshy 1.0

Freshy V2.0


Whitespace is a minimalistic 3-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress.


Tapestry is a 2-column Widget-ready theme created with clean and elegant look.


Silhouette is a 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme created with a simple look and ready for monetization.


Dropshadow is a 2-column Widget-ready theme, created with a modern, yet elegant look.

Blue Zinfandel

Blue Zinfandel is a 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme, made especially for online newspapers or magazines.

Revolution Blog

Aalglatt V1.0

Light v1.0


Quadruple Blue


Orange Web 2.0

An oldie but a goodie.

Ultra Nine O Headsetoptions

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Author: Lincoln on July 25th, 2008

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  1. asuwish says:

    My favourite WordPress Template is Simply (http://www.nuviotemplates.com/wordpress-themes.php).

  2. Thanks, I’ll be saving this list to come back to again.

  3. These are really good foundations for customization. A good starting point for sure.

  4. Eric Hamby says:

    I think the Wp-Newsmag theme at
    is also another great starting point. My own site uses the theme that i modified.


  5. Thanks for the great collection of themes.

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