Digg Updates It’s “Digg The Candidates” Political Elections Page

Digg Updates It's Back in late November 2007 both Digg The Candidates and Yahoo Pulse launched in the midst of the growing presidential election fever sweeping the US. Digg’s political section has done very well since it’s launch and received a new design layout recently.

Digg The Candidates is a dedicated section of the digg.com social news site that focuses on the upcoming presidential elections, each candidate has their own Digg profile and any user can add a candidate as their friend. Once a user adds a candidate to their friends list at digg, users then get access to all the stories that are dugg on that particular candidates account. Candidates are also listed in order of total friends in digg’s right hand sidebar.

Old Look
Digg The Candidates

New Look
Digg The Candidates

Digg has already released another topic for the Digg Olympics and Kevin Rose mentioned in his recent announcement that digg will also be working on other projects related to political party conventions in the near future.

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Author: Lincoln on June 29th, 2008

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