Drigg Social News For Drupal Updated To V1.35

Drigg consists of a set of modules for Drupal that allows anyone to start a digg like social news website. Over the last few months Drigg has been gaining a reputation as the most advanced system for starting your very own digg clone website, with v1.35 of drigg recently being released Drigg’s reputation as the professional choice for your project is stronger than ever.

Changes since DRUPAL-5–1-34:

  • URL form field turns red upon submission
  • Organic Groups User Roles compatibility fix
  • The URL in the feeds is not correct. Thank you cedricfontaine, patche emailed to me
  • It’s now possible to have a custom message if there are NO scoops in a list. THANK YOU cedricfontaine
  • Minor typo fixed
  • Javascript variables are now passed the RIGHT way, once again thank you cedricfontaine
  • Made some fields compulsory
  • Admin is no longer shown in the list lf karma users
  • Now, users can go from the login form to the registration form and the destination node won’t be lost. Another great patch by Cedric
  • Now, if a story was already submitted, a link is provided to it. Fantastic patch by Cedric.
  • Major rewrite of how redirection works. Now it doesn’t redefine /node/add/drigg in order to redirect users to the login page. Instead, everything is done from the drigg_form. Much neater.
  • Minor problem with variable name fixed
  • we now accept redirected page in url validation
  • add mp3 embedded in pixelout player
  • autovoting form validation
  • autovoting form validation – check uid >= 1
  • alignment issue with wide resolution thanks to philbar
  • Added variable_del to a lot of drigg variables + uncomment DB delete
  • Typo in “cration” date instead of “creation”
  • Added Sapo support
  • turn off URL validation
  • some glitches with trackback
  • Now Drigg will render sub-categories correctly. THANK YOU THANK YOU coolclu3
  • avatar comment, changes in CSS
  • Improved the box’s code, and fixed #300488 thanks to Richard_ for the report
  • Fixed idiotic error, changed ’style’ into ‘class’

Download: Drigg For Drupal v1.35

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Author: Lincoln on September 20th, 2008

Category: Drigg

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  1. Haxx says:

    hi guys
    thanks for the info.
    drigg is really taking place of pligg now.
    i am thinking to use it for my site.

    how is drigg with SEO ? is it better than pligg ?

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