20 Free Wordpress Magazine Style Themes

Wordpress is primarily recognized as a blogging platform, with a couple of tweaks and plugins however wordpress can also function as a fully fledged CMS system. One of the most popular applications wordpress has been adapted for in recent years is that of a magazine styled website. The collection of themes in this article will allow you to setup your very own magazine style wordpress powered site in a matter of minutes.

The Morning After (PREVIEW)

Mimbo Magazine (Demo)

BranfordMagazine (Demo)

Wynton Magazine (DEMO)

Arthemia (DEMO)

Linoluna (Demo)

Monochrome Gallery (DEMO)

Purple Fever (DEMO)

Jello Wala Mello (DEMO)

Smooth News (DEMO)

Magadine 1.2 (DEMO)

WP Magazine Theme (DEMO)

IndoMagz (DEMO)

OpenBook (DEMO)

Shiva (DEMO)

Options WordPress (DEMO)

WP Gold (DEMO)

WPFreemium (DEMO)

PressBox (DEMO)

Zoxengen (DEMO)

Update: New Post with 40 Free Wordpress Magazine Themes

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Author: Lincoln on July 8th, 2008

Category: Wordpress Themes

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  1. eylos says:

    Wuaaawww good wordpress thems. Thank you.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Otimos themas
    vou usar no meu outro blog o thema Arthemia.

  3. Monawea says:

    Great list. I finally found some themes I haven’t seen yet. Thanks!

  4. thanx dude, the indomagz is quite awesome. i’ll try it…

  5. OldMan says:

    Great selection of themes, I had been looking all over for a magazine style theme for a new blog I am developing and now I am spoilt for choice. Thanks once again

  6. Excellent post, I Gonna use one of this themes for a blog friend

  7. ivan says:

    we have just released this february a free wordpress theme with magazine style suitable for newspaper layout website.

  8. Lindsay says:

    OMG thank you SOO much for posting this! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for themes like these! This is by far the best collection I have seen of magazine style themes.. Before, i couldnt find ONE that i like, NOW I have to pick out of a BUNCH that i like

  9. Greg Johnson says:

    You’ll definitely want to check out the News CMS WordPress Theme from Bust A Theme.

  10. internet era says:

    Thanks for link

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