Wordpress Premium Theme Designers Why and Who

Wordpress Premium Theme Clubs and the wordpress premium theme industry in general has exploded over the past few years with many wordpress developers now offering paid theme options for wordpress. In this article we will cover some of the benefits of why you should consider purchasing a premium wordpress theme and exactly who is offering themes for purchase.

Why Choose A Premium Theme?

The first major reason to choose a premium template is design quality which more often and not of a consistently higher standard that some free themes. The second reason would be support, most of the premium theme developers provide great support for their themes and have very active communities surrounding their products that will help you customize it or fix any little errors. Good support also covers the fact that these themes are actively updated more often than free themes when a new version of wordpress is released that requires some template changes.

Who Develops Wordpress Premium Themes?

There are many developers who release and maintain wordpress premium themes as a business, below are some of them. Click the images to visit the developers sites.


Visit WooThemes Premium Wordpress Themes


Visit ElegantThemes Premium Wordpress Themes


Visit StudioPress Premium Wordpress Themes



DIYThemes – Thesis Theme

Visit Diythemes Premium Wordpress Themes


Visit PremiumThemes Premium Wordpress Themes

Obox Designs



Visit WPzoom Premium Wordpress Themes




Visit NattyWP Premium Wordpress Themes


Visit RichWP Premium Wordpress Themes

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