6 Of The Best Premium Wordpress Theme Designers

wordpresslogo.pngToday i thought i would change things up a little and write an article covering some of the best premium wordpress themes that are available. There are some really great designers around at the moment doing cool layout’s for the wordpress system, if you would like to see some of the top designs read on.

The themes below are in no particular order.

1. Omni Theme
Omni Theme is a really clean web2.0 theme for wordpress, this is the web 2.0 look taken to the max.


2. Wordpress Themes Market
Wordpress Themes Market has around 6 premium themes for sale.


3. WP Elements
Concentrating mostly on video styled wordpress themes this designer is well worth checking out.


4. Revolution Wordpress Themes
The Revolution themes are widget-ready, customizable themes that provide ideal solutions for online magazines, online newspapers, and other websites that wish to use WordPress as a content management system.


5. Premium News Themes
The Premium News Theme range are aimd firmly at the news, magazine style market, lots fo themes to choose from and all pretty well designed.


6. WP Remix
WP Remix a WordPress powered master theme, is completely customizable, quality coded & comes bundled with many layout options that helps everyone create custom websites in minutes, saves weeks of time, maintaining top notch standards-compliant quality.


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Author: Lincoln on June 6th, 2008

Category: Wordpress Themes

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  1. Susan says:

    These are great sites :)

  2. Wp Remix should not be included in the list. Thts the worst ever theme I hv ever bought. Wastage of money.

    Read my post for more on that.

  3. That’s an unfortunate experience Techie and not one you should have had to suffer. if anyone else has experience of these designers good or bad let us know.

  4. Geoserv says:

    Reolution have some of the best themes going, I use somke of their templates.

  5. I’ve purchased the developer’s license to several of these theme collections including Revolution and Remix, and what I find interesting is that I can design and code a new theme that fits my clients’ needs far more quickly if I don’t try to use one of them. The point of buying a premium theme, I would think, would be to save some time and effort, but I’ve found them to increase time and effort in a lot of respects.

    I won’t question the quality, however, I like them all and have found bits and pieces to be helpful. I’m glad they are out there to learn from.

  6. ROGER says:

    hi, i am interested in remixes, and i have been using some remix software like jet audio and etc. But i don’t know which one is the best among the leading ones.
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