HubDub: Social News Forcaster With A Touch Of Betting is a new social news forcaster site with a twist in that it allows users to vote and bet albeit with play money on the outcome of news stories from around the globe. Unlike Digg HubDub only tracks stories that members decide are worth tracking and building a prediction market upon. This makes for an interesting mashup concept and is definitely a nice twist on what is an already over saturated social news market.

The way members create content on hubdub is probably it’s most prominent change from the digg’s of this world, a member creates a question like “Will Barack Obama secure the Democratic Presidential nomination?” then configures possible answers “yes” or “no” or offer a multiple choice scenario, along with determining the duration of trading. Once the topic goes live other HubDub members get offered the selection of answers to choose much like a poll.

Each created story also links to a source or several as you would expect from a social news based site. The most successful users can win virtual money which in tune propels them up the hubdub leader board.

All in all HubDub is definitely more fun than some same old same social news sites that have launched in recent months. The fact you can bet virtual money on news predictions works very well in my opinion and adds and edge of competition that can be addictive.


HubDub is also flying the flag for Scotland in the Social News arena as the company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, this is a great change from the usual Valley VC Funded startups we see everyday.


Hubdub Has Users Wager on News Stories

HubDub DEMO 08 Presentation

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Author: Lincoln on May 24th, 2008

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