BloggingZoom: A Great Way To Promote Your Blog

BloggingZoom: A Great Way To Promote Your BlogIt’s seldom we actually see a pligg based site that seems to get it right, a relatively high percentage of pligg sites fail to grow their user-base and eventually fade away. Common mistakes are simply a lack of design effort, cash, commitment and marketing, bloggingzoom is one of the very few pligg based sites that has put in the effort and is starting to reap the rewards.

BloggingZoom: A Great Way To Promote Your Blog

BloggingZoom is a pligg based site for bloggers only where bloggers can share content that they and other bloggers have written. bloggingzoom is a great place for people to discover and share content from any blog on the web. From the biggest online blog to the most obscure blog, bloggingzoom aims to cover them all.

The first thing you notice when visiting bloggingzoom is the great design which is very modern and fresh albeit a little too many images for my liking, nonetheless a very well designed site and a brilliant example of how a custom template can make your site stand out from the crowd.

Features wise bloggingzoom is the same as any other pligg based website and hasn’t got any added features, but hey it doesn’t need as the main emphasis at bloggingzoom is on good content not flashy features.

If you like blogging or are a blogger i would highly recommend visiting bloggingzoom, since signing up i have found some really cool bloggers and can safely say it’s added to my bookmarks.

Along with Design Float, BloggingZoom is one pligg site that’s definitely worth a visit and is a great example to anyone thinking of starting their own pligg site, if growth continues bloggingzoom can only go from strength to strength and i for one really hope it does.


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Author: Lincoln on February 22nd, 2008

Category: Pligg Sites

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  1. Vic says:

    Thank you for such a great review and you got my Zoom ;) We are currently making huge upgrades and adding tons of features. Our Development team is currently working on this improvements and features we hope that by the 1st of next month they will be implemented.

    We to think we went way to eye candy but it seemed that focus groups comparing us to other top sites like Sphinn and Mixx they kept coming back with the design needed to be flashy. For our next design we plan to go more minimalistic we hope by then with the user base being larger and the tons of features we will be implementing eye candy will be a non issue.

    Again Thanks


  2. I really think the upgrade is going to be something incredible. BloggingZoom is already an incredible tool for bloggers. Adding some nice tools is only going to make it that much better.

  3. Lin Burress says:

    Good review of BZ! I really like all the improvements, and look forward to each new feature added. Hopefully more people will join soon, and help build on targeted niche categories that are somewhat lacking in web traffic. BZ is really rockin!

  4. skarld says:

    BZ is one of the three best pligg sites online.
    I was disappointed that I got an error message when trying to submit a post from my site to BZ. Something regarding no title or no text. So I switched from FF to IE, same thing. I wrote BZ from their contact page. Perhaps Vic will come back and read this.

  5. Jules says:

    I just tried BZ now and got that same error. After some Googling around for a solution, I found out that BZ REQUIRES at least 350 characters of ‘unique’ content on the Description field. So I extended my description and lo and behold… the post went through.



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