Pligg Beta v9.9.5 Released Or Should We Call It YADC?

Pligg Beta V9.9.5Pligg have just released an updated version of their popular digg clone cms system to the pligg community, v9.9.5 has been released to combat that vast amount of security vulnerabilities that have been discovered within the system over the past few weeks. Most of v9.9.5 is bug fixes but there are some new features like AJAX In-line Story Editing for example which was contributed from Dave Mackey of

  • Fixed bug in login.tpl
  • Fixed source link in Footer.tpl
  • Bug Fix “Categories” sidebar module do not line up with the RSS feed icon in IE 7
  • Bug Fix in categories.tpl
  • Bug fix in tags.tpl
  • Fixed bug in sidebar_comments.php
  • Fixed bug in in submit_antispam_main.php
  • Added virtual host Apache MultiView Option
  • Added Submit_antispam Module
  • Bug Fix for subcategories
  • Bug Fix for force recompile in link.php for php4 thanks moonomo
  • Bug Fix in linkadmin php querying users
  • Added AJAX In-line Story Editing by Davemackey to 3rd party folder
  • Updated installer to use 9.9.5 languages
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability with editlink.php
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability with story.php
  • Modified link_summary to allow a different template to be used
  • Fix for installer not adding categories.
  • Removed the ‘Read More’ link when submitting a story
  • Fix for “Message icon not shown in IE6″.
  • Fix for ‘tell a friend’ on servers with magicquotes enabled.
  • Fix for URL Method 2 and categories safenames that have _ in them.
  • Fix for filtering tag results to a specific timeframe via the tagcould.
  • Fix for comment voting.
  • Fix for editlink bug with friendly url’s disabled.
  • Fix for JS error on editlink if edit summary is disabled.
  • Fix for yget template showing wrong icon for ‘bury’.
  • Fix for category url bug in story breadcrumbs.
  • Fix for live pages using friendly urls even when they’ve been disable via admin panel
  • Fix for story page showing ’summary’ instead of full description
  • Fix for changes to the story summary not being saved.
  • Fix for ‘1′ problem with new submissions.
  • Update template manager module to ver 0.13
  • Added a new module hook.
  • Fix for bug with subcategories
  • Fix for bug with editlink and & symbol.
  • Updated the category manager to allow each category to have it’s own META description and keywords.
  • Update to makeCategoryFriendly to make it more SEO friendly.
  • Bug fix in story.php
  • Added a new Pligg News Panel to yget admin
  • Removed Template editor for security reasons
  • Bug Fix for Send Announcement module
  • Added one click story delete into link_summary.tpl
  • Added simple readme to inline editor folder
  • Removed submit to Pligg cause it was never setup and replaced it with Stumbleupon

Pligg v9.9.5 comes hot on the heels of the YADC system which was released earlier today by AshDigg a former developer of pligg, both systems are very similar in fixes and codebase which isn’t surprising as they share the same SVN revision as a codebase. What is a little surprising though is some of the SVN edit time similartities with YADC and Pigg even more so when you compare both projects edits. Going on SVN dates and times Pligg v9.9.5 is crammed with YADC code.

Example One Below is an image with the times at which files files were edited and bugfixed on the YADC SVN.

Example Two Below is an image with the times at which files were edited or bugfixed on the Pligg SVN.

Example Three Below is an image in which we compared the YADC Beta 1 and Pligg Beta 9.9.5 codebase, these are the only files that are different between both projects.

Pligg have clearley made most of the security edits after YADC was released by AshDigg earier today, whats more they give no credit to YADC for the fixes. If you were wondering how pligg managed to get the bugfixes out so fast all of a sudden now you know, it would seem they got the code from YADC.

Pligg Beta v9.9.5 can be downloaded from below.

Download Pligg BETA V9.9.5

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Author: Lincoln on August 1st, 2008

Category: Pligg, Social Web CMS

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  1. bbrian017 says:

    So if pligg is in the wrong this means Ash was the original developer? I think Yankidank is the originally develop and to be honest I don’t see any issues with sharing the “Open Source ” code with pligg if that’s what really happened!

    I will keep an eye on both these projects! Pligg and YADC!

  2. SimonSays says:

    I think the point here brian is how much pligg bullshit their community to try and keep a false face for the project, the classic every things fine here bullshit. There are no issues with sharing code if your truthful about it but to seem to take code from a fixed system that was released earlier in the day, then tell you community you hired a third party coder is not on.

    Pligg = Censorship, Lies and a who world of Bullshit. I wouldn’t trust anything these guys have said this blog has proved to be a better source for finding out whats really going on adn for that i am grateful.

  3. Andy says:

    What the hell is going on?

    It was great news that Pligg had finally taken some decisive steps to get to grips with the security features of their CMS. but now this thread…

    This like the Mambo split that lead to Joomla.

    As I was about to upgrade my Pligg site (no easy feat with all the moderations), I’m now not sure to go with Pligg or Yadc…

    I’ll hold out for a couple of days and see what happens….

  4. David Mackey says:

    Thanks for the mention. I actually have significant other code contributions to make to Pligg in additional to the inline editor (and, of course, YADC is free to use these contributions as well). Amongst them are anonymous commenting (like blog commenting), fixes to RSS Importer v. 0.6, a revamped ajax based admin. section on each story allowing kill spam/discard/queue/publish directly from the story when logged in as an admin, a static cms so we can get rid of a bunch of php/tpl files and instead use dynamic db pages with static urls…Anyways, I just want to reiterate that I am eager to work with all parties involved and to see a reconciliation occur. Its evident that a lot of feelings have been hurt and I am sure some serious missteps have been made by individuals on occasion – but perhaps we can find a way to re-unify?

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