Hotaphrodite: Adult Gallery Sharing Site Based On Pligg

hot_aphrodite.pngLast week we reviewed PornSifter a pligg based site focused solely on the concept of making porn related content like, news, videos and blogs etc a social affair. HotAphrodite is another porn related pligg site but this time focusing on picture galleries. Any user (including anonymous visitors) can submit new galleries and post comments on the existing ones , Hotaphrodite use’s pligg as it’s base although as you will see has been heavily modified to focus on picture galleries.

Hompage Screenshot

As soon as you visit Hotaphrodite you can see from the screen shot above that this is a pligg site with a difference, the home page layout has been dramatically changed from a standard pligg based site. For one the stories are now images with a comment link placed on top, the site has also managed to retain the feel of a more traditional porn gallery but that’s where the similarities end.

Users don’t actually submit full sets of gallery images to Hotaphrodite, instead they submit a link to the gallery much like a standard pligg site. The submit process is similar to pligg’s standard submit page but with some modifications to function more as a picture resource site. When you submit a gallery url the title, tags and description fields are automatically populated for you, this has been really well implemented especially the auto tag which works particularly well. Another change to the submit process is categories, normally you would select a single category on submission Hotaphrodite however allows you to choose up to three separate categories for your submission. Finally there is a thumbnail field which in to which the user can copy and paste an externally hosted image url for the gallery, this image will then be automatically resized to display on the home page like above.

Submit Page ScreenShot

Below is a screen shot of the story page which has also been modified.


One feature i really liked at Hotaphrodite is the fact users can submit a url directly from the header of the site, this is a good idea in my book as it places a call to action right in front of the users eyes. Overall you can see that some time and effort was placed on development of Hotaphrodite and it really has paid off. I love the modifications that have been carried out and they all work as they should which is always nice, pligg webmasters take note. Time and Effort = Results.

Probably the biggest change of all is the way content is promoted to the home page of Hotaphrodite as no voting system is used. Instead the most popular galleries based on users activity on the site, taking into account the number of visits of each gallery and the number of comments.

According to the site they also plan to add video galleries soon, with online video being the big hitter on the web last year and this it’s a good progression. Hotaphrodite is a young startup and doesn’t even have an alexa rank yet, but with porn such a popular subject on the net it’s definitely one pligg site to keep a close eye on for growth.

Visit: Hotaphrodite

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