Finally Pligg has a Askimet Spam Protection module

Pligg Askimet Spam ModuleIn the CMS world pligg has been long renowned for it’s ease to make spam comments and posts, up until now the Developers had done very little if nothing to tackle this problem. It would seem after post’s at the pligg forum about spam grew along with the fact that the BlackBall module which claims to fight spam can be obtained by purchase only started to rile up users.

Pligg developers have at long last released a Spam FIghting Module for free titled Akismet Anti-Spam v0.4

Download: Akismet Anti-Spam v0.4 Pligg Module | Mirror1 | Mirror2

  1. You’ll need a WordPress API key if you don’t already have one. You can get one here… Where is my API key? «
  2. Update your utils.php with this (click here) changeset
  3. Update your /libs/comment.php with this (click here) changeset
  4. Upload the contents of the attached file into your modules folder
  5. Enable the Akismet module
  6. Access the module by using the ‘Spam’ link at the top
  7. Enter your WordPress API key

If Akismet says a comment is spam, it will not be saved. It just disappears.

If Akismet says a story is spam, it is still submitted, but there will be a link at the top to either confirm or deny that it is spam. Confirming will change the status to discard.

This is a very basic / beta module and more features are coming.

To UPGRADE, just upload the new file, replacing the existing ones.

Finally after months of waiting pligg webmsaters hopefully have a way of stopping some spam from their site. Nothing will eve stop human spam posting though most of these for some reason seem to originate from India so much so Pligg Developer ChuckRoast has banned the entire Country of India from accesing his pligg site. A little harsh for India but it must have been so bad it was required.

I still do not understand why the Email Validation Hack that is available for pligg has not been included in the main SVN codebase? a few files need dropped into the SVN that’s all the work that’s required and could easily have been included with pligg since v9.7.

Hopefully single step registration will be included with the core package soon. :roll:

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Author: Lincoln on December 11th, 2007

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    Where to download this module. Download links in this article are not available.

  1. Pligg Askimet Spam Protection module

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