FAQPal A Digg Type Tutorial Website For Web Designers / Developers

FAQPal is a new social news website recently launched which aims to list the best Web Developer and Design tutorials from around the web. There are a few other existing sites providing this service on the web Designbump.com, DesignFloat.com, Dzone.com, so what will make FAQPal stand out from it’s competition.

FAQPal which is still in it’s infancy already claims around 3000 members sharing over 1100 tutorials and thus far the site’s content is pretty good with many interesting tutorials already available. We lost around an hour simply browsing and reading some of the posted tutorials whilst researching this article which is always a good sign.


The over all design of of FAQPal is clean to understand with a structure recognizable to anyone who has used a social news/bookmarking site previously. The submission vote buttons are the standard ones provided with Pligg and could do with a little spruce up and design change to further improve the sites look.

We decided to throw an idea out an make a vote button image for FAQpal that may look a little more integrated, below is a mock up of the site with a more suited button.


This is the vote button image.

One of the features we liked at FAQPal was the ability to easily tweet any interesting tutorials, as twitter is so popular nowadays this is a nice feature and should help bring in users to the site.

FAQPal also has a digg style toolbar when visiting external links, whether this is a good or bad thing is to be debated. A lot if digg users and website owners hated this feature when it was first introduced on the digg website, it was also claimed to damage SEO and back links to the linked sites. The jury is still out on these type of features for many. It’s also worth noting that the FAQPal toolbar does not let members vote for a story directly from the toolbar but it’s early days remember and we are pretty sure FAQpal wont have had the millions in funding that digg has received.

The FAQPal blog produces weekly top 10 list that adds a little more incentive for users to submit their own content. The 10 most popular tutorials of the week are then listed in a countdown. For example: Top tutorials week ending 05/02/09.

FAQPal’s other features are very much as you would expect from a Pligg based website, mebers can share, vote upon and save articles, for us though it’s not all about features it’s about content and FAQPal seems to be doing nice in that most important of factors so far.

Go check out FAQPal for yourself: faqpal.com

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Author: Lincoln on May 23rd, 2009

Category: Pligg, Startups

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  1. Geoserv says:

    Thanks for taking the time to review my latest project Lincoln, hopefully this will be one of many reviews to come.

    I like that vote button, if you don’t mind I would like to use it.

    I spent a few nights debating the toolbar, I am still unsure if I will keep it or not. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add the vote feature to it.

    Like you said, I don’t have the budget Digg does, actually I did the site with no budget or money and I am quite pleased with it’s outcome. I have also added a function where the site will fetch the tutorial description and auto-fill it on submission, which makes submitting easier and quicker.

    I am working on future features as well.

    Hope to see some of your readers join and submit or just browse.

  2. Thanks u r information

  3. denny says:

    He really did a nice job on that, but the sidebar could be tightened up a bit – maybe better ads or a twitter stream box.

  4. Geoserv says:

    @denny, Thanks for the comments, I have altered the site and it now includes a Twitter Stream in the sidebar and a few other changes.

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