Comedy Central Should Buy Pligg

comedy_club_tickets_blog.jpgWe knew that releasing a modified version of the Pligg CMS would be popular to some people and unpopular to others, but hey thats life, everybody can’t like everything all of the time right? Pligg has always held a grudge against this blog because of some of the opinions expressed here at times about the Pligg system, but that’s all it is an opinion and like anybody else we are free to express them usually with the content to back the opinion up. The release of Pligged v9.9.1 wasn’t to gain buzz for this site as has been suggested by pligg developers, we released it because they hadn’t released anything to the community for over 5 months simple as that.

I am not going to shy away from the fact that over the past few months we have posted a few articles about pligg that the developers didn’t like, we did however not sink to lying and had the proof to back us up. SVN’s laying dormant, no news from the team in months, no new version or bugfixes for over 5 months, failed sale, spam problems, falling traffic etc. So what happens when you upset certain pligg developers, not taking criticism well it’s simple they start imagining situations and creating situations that have never occurred to paint a false picture.

Quote: YankiDank -

I’ve been harassed from him several times. While in vacation he called me several times trying to get unbanned from the forum after I gave him plenty of warnings and asked him not to contact me again. He is also known for illegally altering files from the Pligg source and redistributing it, so I wouldn’t trust his source. Lastly, we can’t support any issues that might come up from his version or when you upgrade from his version in the future.

Link: YankiPost

This made me laugh, I called YankiDank repeatedly? We never go a warning? We have never contacted or tried to contact anyone from pligg by phone on any occasion let alone hassle anyone, more so i do not even know if there is such a thing as a pligg phone hotline you can contact the developers on. Maybe they have a bat phone we don’t know about that flashes red when someone calls now that would be cool, hell if you can find one of those on ebay let me know and i will splash out and send one to Yanki.

What really happened was that i emailed YankiDank once back in April about why our login at pligg was banned and he replied with the email below. I have had no contact with nor tried to contact anyone at pligg since April 3rd.


The mail referred to the Pligg SEO EDITION we released which DID and Still does contain backlinks to pligg within the yget template, never once did we ask anyone explicitly for donations for anything pligg we release it’s all been released or free aside from a few templates. Rant could be construed as opinion the developers didn’t like, as other members and not only us have been banned for expressing theirs. Pligg understandably like to protect their image but lying about being harrased by phone or email is just embarrassing and shows how low that the team will stoop to try and discredit something they obviously don’t like.

Yanki Also talks of illegaly altering files and if we have i sincerely apologise and will fix any outstanding illegalities if i am sent a mail listing them clearly. If we have broke the license law of pligg we are not alone in illegal matters YankiDank really wants to look carefully at USA libel laws specifically “Deformation Of Character” considering the content of his post, Libel involves the making of defamatory statements in a printed or fixed medium like a forum.

Most US jurisdictions also recognize “per se” defamation, where the allegations are presumed to cause damage to the plaintiff. Typically, the following may constitute defamation per se:

  • Attacks on a person’s professional character or standing;

Lying and distorting the truth has never been a great PR move as has been proved in the past by pligg, unfortunately it seems certain members of the pligg team will go to any lengths to hide their obvious failings. Shame on you Pligg ;)

To clear up some inaccuracies that have sprung up over at the pligg forum if the official v9.9.0 will upgrade to the next official release of pligg so will v9.9.1 we released yesterday. Pligged v9.9.1 is basically v9.9.0 with all the fixes posted on the pligg forum applied, the modules are all modules that are also available from the pligg forum. So if YankiDank is saying do not trust the v9.9.1 source the official v9.9.0 source cannot be trusted either i guess?

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Author: Lincoln on June 14th, 2008

Category: Blog

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  1. Nick says:

    From the point of view of a user, I think we’ll always appreciate a new version of Pligg, it comes from a different source than the original developers or not.

    To be honest, I don’t mind if it’s official or not and I don’t mind if the code is different, “ilegal” or not, I’m only happy to find a software that works better than the original, with many of the bugs corrected, and a lot of interesting modules in a single installation.

    Why original Pligg developers didn’t do the same? it looks like they have been so “lazy” to do that, so if SocialCMSBuzz guys do it, me, as a user, will always support it.

  2. Tremor says:

    Dude i think i have found YankiDanks Bat Phone for sale at ebay. Could pligg have stopped the hotline due to it’s obvious high user demand of the service?

    YankiDank Red Bat Phone

  3. GFXDesign says:

    Is this the first step in forking the code? This all seems to be going in a very familiar direction that phpNuke went through back in the day when the original developer started to hold development a little too close…

  4. D00m says:

    Same shit happend with Cutenews, great free program and a great community. But the founder smelled money so now you must pay for it. The whole community is dead and nobody buys it. So everybody uses other free software or use an older version. I guess the same thing will happen with pligg. They let users test it and when its good enough buy it! Lame. Thats why i never support new projects like pligg.

  5. Geoserv says:

    The developers are just embarassed that it took a member to fix their problems.

    The developers at Pligg specialize in defaming people, you and me have been their prime targets.

    Anyone who poses a risk to them, they try and discredit instead of working with them to improve Pligg. They show zero appreciation and yet we still continue to add to the project.

    Most projects who had members like us Lincoln, would be praising them, not trying to discredit them. Our visitors will determine how bad we are.

    Pligg is a great script, but the developers need to go, they will and are sinking this project.

    Pligg is an open source project and can be edited and altered however you want and re-released by anyone. Pligg owns shit in the code.

    Keep up your good work and let the developers continue to hang themselves.

  6. Techfreak says:

    Its better to float a new CMS with a new name …as everyone know by now it does make sense it fixing it anymore because the problem is with the core code .Just Shit+Del and write a new code


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