SWCMS v1.1 Released With V2.0 In Development

socialwebcms_comSocial Web CMS or SWCMS for short the popular social news php application that allows anyone to create a digg type social voting website have just upgraded the application to v1.1. v1.1 contains Numerous ‘undefined index’ error fixes and other bug fixes that have been found since v1.0 was released, it’s also worth noting that SWCMS have begun development on V2.0 of the system which will have more features that have been requested by users.

Over the past few months Social Web CMS has seen some well thought out planned development to reach v1.0 and v1.1 respectively, and with established sites like Tip’d and JapanSoc using the system it’s reputation within the social news marketplace is starting to grow stronger with each update release.

Below is what the Social Web CMS team had to say about the release.

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of SWCMS 1.1. This release is a maintenance release that does not include any new features, instead focusing on dozens of security and stability fixes across the framework.

With the release of 1.1 we are also happy to announce that 2.0 is well under way. It will include a number of enhancements we’ll cover in detail in a soon-to-be-released post (for now, think simplified templating and a cleaner/faster module creation process). As of this time we intend to continue closing out any bugs or security issues that arise with the 1.0 release but most efforts (and the new features) will be coming with 2.0.

Download: Social Web CMS v1.1

SWCMS Homepage: Social Web CMS Homepage

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Author: Lincoln on January 13th, 2009

Category: Social Web CMS

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  1. Nick Ramsay says:

    Thanks Lincoln, SWCMS provides a rock solid foundation on which JapanSoc can grow… and it might grow a bit more if you can fix the broken link ;) . Arigato!

  2. John says:

    great news will be trying it on my site as well.

  3. Kabon SEO says:

    Social Web CMS same like Pligg? I think i have to try it first. Thank you for your post

  4. Social Web CMS is new? I will try? may same with pligg?

  5. catchpen says:

    If your tired spam the anti-spam modules available for SWCMS in the forum will reduce your spam down to zero.

  6. Geoserv says:

    I look forward to the next release of SWCMS, I have had issues with releases to date, mainly with the category manager not working for me.

    I have suspended all template creations for the system until I can get an install that works 100%.

    One of the things I really like about SWCMS is the modules and module manager.

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