YADCBroadcast v1.1 Free YADC Template Released

YADCBroadcast is a very sleek pligg template that’s ideally suited for a tech based pligg site or a news site. The colour scheme of PliggBroadcast is white, grey and blue with the grey using fades on stories and sidebars. With many features like advertising template and two completley new custom modules this is a template you wont want to be without.

1. Upload the included files to your yadc root folder.
2. Goto you administration section and set the template name to “yadcbroadcast”.
3. clear your /templates_c and /cache folders.

Template Features
1. SEO Page Titles Hack – pligg-seo-friendly-optimal-page-titles-hack-t9.html
2. Integrated Advertising positioning templates.
3. Top Users Published sidebar block.
4. Top User Comments in sidebar block.
5. Configurable signup text in header, you can confiigure the text from you Admin / Modify Launguage section.
6. Story Page Related links now have a description instead of just an http link.

Advert Configuration

YADCBroadcast has several advertising templates already configured for easy positioning, the templates can be found in the /ads folder within the yadcbroadcast template directory.

Here is a description of the individual templates.

banner_featured.tpl – This is the 468×60 banner which will be show if you activate either the inculded Latest Submitted Stories v0.1 module or the Random Selected Feature Story v0.1 Module.

banner_header.tpl – The 468×60 banner in the header of the site under the published, upcoming and submit navigation.

banner_sidebar.tpl – 300×329 right hand sidebar block.

banner_story.tpl – 468×60 banner on individual story pages under contnet and aboe Who Voted, Related Links and Comments.

Simply replace the code within these templates with your own advertising code like Adsense. To open the .tpl files use a text editor.

Below is a screen shot with both the new modules activated for example purposes.

Download and Support

Download YADCBroadcast v1.1 Free YADC Template

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Author: on August 1st, 2008

Category: SWCMS Templates

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  1. JAPUNDIT says:

    Great template, and I am running it on japannewsjunkie.com.

    However, when I use the Randomly Featured Story Module in combination with the Image Upload V1 module, the randomly featured story often ends up with a thumbnail from another story further down the page, which is totally unrelated to the featured story. Any suggestions about how to correct this?

    Thanks for everything,



  2. zumbame says:

    hi, hi have a problem with seo frienly urls, can u help me please?

    help me please

    Oops, what you’re looking for isn’t here!

    Try searching for the story you’re looking for.
    Go to the homepage to see the most recent stories.
    Browse the topics to find the story.

    Pretty sure it’s a website bug? Please let us know and we’ll try to get it fixed.

  3. netnotion.nl says:

    Very nice. I was looking for such a cms. Now hope it works:)

  4. Amir Khan says:

    download link isn’t working.