YADC: A Fork Of The Pligg CMS System Launches It’s BETA 1 Release

YADC which stands for “Yet Another *igg CLone” Launches it’s BETA 1 version to the public today, YADC is a fork of the popular Pligg CMS System and has been developed by Pligg’s former lead developer AshDigg. YADC can be best described as an open source social news/voting system that fixes many bugs along with all present security vulnerabilities reported in the current v9.9.0 of pligg.

Around a week ago we were contacted by AshDigg who was previously involved with the pligg project as developer. Ash brought to our attention that he intended to fork the Pligg codebase into an entirely new and separate project titled YADC. The project code is based on the latest Pligg SVN from SourceForge with the last activity from mid February and has been bug fixed, improved and most importantly corrected all the known security vulnerabilities that have arisen over the past few days. Including the latest batch reported only today by the GulfTech Security Research Team.

YADC wasn’t planning on releasing the first BETA so early in the projects existence, but due to the current security holes Ash felt it was right to release YADC to the community. As you can see from http://www.pickknow.com/ the timing could not be better or more needed by the pligg community.

It’s worth noting this version is a BETA and any bugs should be reported to the YADC projects website or alternatively in our community forums here where we have provided some support. We tested upgrading Pligg v9.9.0 to YADC BETA 1 and all went fine, we simply uploaded the YADC files to our pligg directory and then upgraded the database from http://yoursite/install/upgrade.php. We did notice that the sidebar comments box is now controlled by a smarty .tpl template for anyone with a custom theme.

The YADC project is looking for contributors so if you can help in anyway contact Ash on our forums or over at the YADC project homepage.

YADC Project Home: Visit The YDAC Project Homepage

YADC Help And Support: YADC Help and Support

YADC Download:

Download YADC CMS System BETA 1

YADC BETA 1 CMS System Running Live You can see YADC running live in our submitted news section
YADC BETA 1 Running Live at Social CMS Buzz

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Author: on July 31st, 2008

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  1. David Mackey says:

    I am excited to see Ash contributing code again. He has done great work for Pligg in the past. I am sad over all the disruptions in unity at this time between various contributors to Pligg. I know even SocialCMSBuzz has had issues with the Pligg community. I’d really like to see these issues worked out and us be able to all work together again, rather than fragmenting so much. I’d like to help in whatever ways I can see us work as a unified team.

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