Why We Don’t Release Or Maintain Our Pligg Templates Anymore

Recently we have received a lot of mail’s and a few comments asking if we plan to update a few of our Pligg Templates like SocialVantage and PliggBroadcast to be compatible with v1.0.0 of Pligg. Regrettably the simple answer to this question is No we do not plan any upgrades to v1.0.1 or support for our pligg templates.

Some of you may be disappointed with this announcement and to users of any of our Pligg Templates thanks for choosing to use them in the first instance. The reasoning behind us no longer releasing, upgrading or supporting our previous pligg templates is a simple one. Creating and maintaining pligg templates effectively is simply too time consuming due to the nature and number of files within Pligg’s Templating system.

Even although the Pligg project has moved on slightly in development terms this year it’s template structure which uses Smarty basically remains the same and contains a huge amount of files. Below is a breakdown of the number of files in the simple default Wistie template that comes supplied with the Pligg install.

Wistie Template Files

  • Wistie Main Template Folder = 44 TPL Files
  • sidebar_modules folder = 6 TPL Files
  • Total TPL FIles = 50 TPL Files

Image Snapshot Of The Pligg Wistie Template Main Folder


As you can see to create a Pligg Template you need to work through/create at least 50 separate .tpl files and this is not including any Javascript, Images or CSS that you will create. Compared to other OpenSource systems like Drupal and WordPress Pligg is lightyears behind with it’s implementation of templates and how it’s template functions and hooks work.

Compare Pligg’s Wistie to the default template of Drigg for Drupal which only has 8 main template files and is a far more robust system overall when it comes to developing templates.
Image Snapshot Of The Drupal Drigg Template Main Folder


Many template developers have also found Pligg a headache when it comes to template’s as every update thats been released of the pligg system more often than not requires some changes to the template files. Even one of the most popular template authors CMSTheme have eventually run into problems which has all but stalled their premium pligg template business model.

Pligg’s small community footprint and uptake compared to other systems means that a lot of designers will continue to overlook Pligg when it comes to designing templates, us included.

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Author: on September 9th, 2009

Category: Pligg

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  1. bbrian017 says:

    I don’t blame you that many file edits woudl drive me insane. Perhaps this is why we haven’t seen many template from anyone.

  2. rbl says:

    Now i understand why we have not hundreds of Pligg templates to use.
    Lincoln, is Drigg Project still alive? If so maybe i will switch to it from Pligg.

  3. catchpen says:

    One of the ‘benefits’ of using Smarty was supposed to be so less changes have to be made to template files when the core php files are modified but with Pligg updates it never seems to work out that way.

    Keep an eye on HotaruCMS.org. HotaruCMS is a CMS framework that is plugin based that has more in common with WordPress than Pligg but it can be easily set up as a social bookmarking site with the necessary plugins…and the template folder has only 6 files!

  4. limca says:

    its very sad 🙁 but its ok

    hope the template structure changes soon

  5. Lincoln says:

    @bbrian simply too many edits and almost a file per page scenario is too time consuming, and yeah it does drive you insane after a while 🙂

    @rbl yeah Drigg is still alive but to be honest Drigg is very, very stable and needs nearly no additions or improvements to the code to function, so even if the project wasn’t being maintained because of it’s stability alone i would still recommend it.

    @catchpen HoturaCMS looks interesting Catch and nice to see Mr Ramsey is the driving force behind it, will look into it in more depth and give it a whirl to test it out. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    @limca Hopefully Pligg will figure out a more streamlined way of theming although most probably they would need to completely rewrite the system which i don’t beleive they would have the money or resources to do.

  6. Patrik says:

    I have just started a pligg site but I’m still not sure if it’s the right cms.

    There are so many other now: drigg, swcms, hotaruCMS, pbdigg. Why I choosed pligg is because it’s the one that it seems to be most activity around.

  7. rbl says:

    i am planning to launch two social network sites but still could not make a decision,Pligg,Drigg or new hotaruCMS? i have not heard pbdigg so far, now i know pbdigg too thanks to Patrik 🙂

    Pligg,Drigg,hotaruCMS,pbdigg or another cms..Which one is the most stable and has a bright future?

  8. Geoserv says:

    Same goes for me Lincoln, I havent released anything for the 1.0 version. I am working on a clients website now that needs to be upgraded from 9.8.2, major nightmare.

    People don’t realize the amount of time and work it takes to put a template together, especially for Pligg.

    I haven’t decided when I will release my next one, but I definitely will sometime soon I hope.