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Tweetmeme is a new website that aggregates the number of time a blog url, video, image or audio file has been linked to on then ranks them in order of popularity is picking up momentum. Looking similar to the current crop of social sites like and being very easy to understand could this site eventually be the way forward for discovering content on twitter, here at socialcmsbuzz we think it just might.

There is no denying that Twitter has seen some explosive growth during 2008 early 2009 up over 1000% according to nielsen net ratings and now with over 7 million registered members twitter is a force to be reckoned with. Twitter members reading this article should already know about ReTweets and if you don’t you will want to find out more as it’s a fantastic way to propagate content throughout the twittersphere gaining content  more exposure. ReTweeting in short is linking to a piece of content that has been posted originally by another twitter user and is usually distinguishable by using the letters “RT” at the very beginning of the tweet.

This is where Tweetmeme enters the arena by listing the number of times a link has been ReTweeted throughout the twittersphere and arranging these links by number of ReTweets. This in turn can send a great stream of readers to your article much more than you may ever think?.


Tweetmeme have also recently released some external tools for website owners to display the Tweetmeme button on their own sites, and you can see and example of this button on this very post at the bottom next to our digg and DZone buttons. A wordpress plugin is available as is bare script code that will integrate the Tweetmeme button into virtually any website with ease.

Tweetmeme in our opinion has been almost perfectly executed and is a fantastic way to find out whats hot within the twittersphere. Whats more they have managed to monetize the service during it’s short existence through Sponsored Tweets at the top right hand side of the Tweetmeme website something which as yet twitter had failed to do with it’s service as yet.

We think Tweetmeme will be a huge success but don’t just take our word for it go and check it out for yourself, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Oh! and if you liked this post consider ReTweeting it from our shiny new button below, thanks.


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Author: on March 22nd, 2009

Category: Social Networking

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  1. Lincoln says:

    yeah it’s a great application topcool i have already found some really interesting tweets by using Tweetmeme, and i love the new design. When it first launched the design colours etc made the site rather sore on the eyes this new look is much better 🙂

  2. Geoserv says:

    It looks like it maybe built on Pligg’s framework and then expanded on, it’s a fantastic site and idea and agree it should be very successful.

  3. Lincoln says:

    @Geo Tweetmeme is completely custom coded by the creators of namley Nick Halstead.

    Here is Nick’s blog post detailing tweetmemes creation for anyone interested tweetmeme building stuff fast in php 🙂

  4. catchpen says:

    Hasn’t worked for me the past few days along with a few other 3rd party Twit-tools

  5. marki says: