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Social Web CMS (formerly YADC) was launched on 31st July 2008 and is an open source php and mysql based social media system that allows anyone to create a web site like digg, reddit, etc. The project has been busy gathering momentum and contributors over the past month, gone through a name change and set up it’s own dedicated website and support forums. The Social Web CMS project was started by Pligg’s former lead developer AshDigg.

Social Web CMS is based on a fork of the Pligg system which was coded primeraly by AshDigg for over two years untile he left the project in Feburary 2008. You may be thinking then isn’t Social Web CMS just pligg with a different name, the code base’s may be similar but thats about where the similarities end.

Social Web CMS functions very much like the popular social news sites and, users submit an interesting url/article to the upcoming section that other members then vote upon. When a url/article receives enough votes it is then promoted to the published section/hompage of the Social Web CMS system.

Social Web CMS Features

  • Article Submission
  • Article Voting and Promotion
  • Article Commenting
  • Comment Rating
  • Sort Submitted Content For Easy Discovery
  • Rss Feed For Upcoming Section, Published Section and Individual Categories
  • Member Personal Rss Feeds
  • Member Profiles
  • Live Ajax Activity Page
  • Private Messaging
  • Anti Spam Submission Features
  • URL Blocklist
  • Administraion Section
  • RSS Content Importer
  • Smarty Template Engine
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Multi Language Support
  • Addon Module Support


  • PHP 4.3.0 and higher
  • MySQL

Visit Social Web CMS

Social Web CMS is a promising system and was also much needed after the pligg project had stalled for so long only to be kick started again by the release of the Social Web system. It will be interesting to see how both system shape up over the next few months.

You can visit the Social Web CMS projects dedicated website below where you can download the system, for support and information see the forums.

Social Web CMS

If you like the sound of the Social Web CMS project consider digging it below.

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Author: on August 9th, 2008

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  1. Vijay says:

    Now I am really confussed. Should I go for Pligg or SocialWebCMS? Lincoln, Please advise me. What makes SWCMS better than Pligg? can I use the Pligg themes in SWCMS?

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