SocialVantage v1.2 Free YADC Template

Following the of the YADC BETA 1 System we are pleased to release a new version of our popular SocialVantage pligg template, v1.2 is now compatible with the YADC system. We have also added a fix that was pointed out to us and our new random featured story module.

1. Upload all the included files within the folder Upload to ROOT to your yadc root folder.
2. Goto you administration section and set the template name to “socialvantage”.
3. clear your /templates_c and /cache folders.
4. place your own banner in the right hand sidebar by editing the file sidebar_160x600.tpl within the socialvantage templates /ads directory

Template Features
1. SEO Page Titles Hack – pligg-seo-friendly-optimal-page-titles-hack-t9.html
2. Javascript Story Summary Preview.
3. Top Published Users In Sidebar.
4. Top Published Commentators In Sidebar.
5. Large Sidebar Story Vote Indicators.
6. Compact Summary Layout.
7. Added javascript theme switcher and two new colour styles of Green And Blue.
8. Included A customized (To Integrate With Theme) version of our Latest
Submitted Story Module.
9. Added Our custom Related Links Description Summary Code.

Updated/Added in v1.2
1. Updated Template for YADC BETA 1 compatibility.
2. Included v0.1 of our Randomly Submitted Story Module.
3. Fixed Closing slash on javascript within pligg.tpl.


Download and Support
Download SocialVantage v1.2 Free YADC Template

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Author: on August 1st, 2008

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