SocialBrowse: Social Sharing Start Up Private Beta (50 Invites)

SocialBrowse which is backed by Y Combinator have been in a private beta testing phase of their services for sometime now. SocialBrowse has been described as twitter for links, the service however offers many more cool features than simply link sharing. Being that SocialBrowse is in private BETA stages you will need an invite to access to the site and available FireFox Plugin.ย  SoclalBrowse CEO Zack Garbow was kind enough to provide us with 50 exclusive invites for our readers, the first 50 people to visit our unique SocialBrowse URL will be able to gain access to the beta service.

Socialbrowse takes social sharing to a whole new level by allowing members to share links, participate in socal commenting, and makes available a new firefox plugin with sidebar to neatly and intelligently control all of these features.

So how does socialbrowse work

On joining SocialBrowse you get a web profile much like any other website (See Image Below), You can follow other SocialBrowse members or other members can choose to follow you hence the mild twitter comparison’s. When you share a link with SocialBrowse that link gets posted to your profile in turn your updates are then mass-broadcasted to all of the users that chose to follow you. Members who have subscribed to your profile are able to view your submitted content from either the installed plugins sidebar window, through your personal RSS feed or a temporary notification message. Another nice touch is the fact members can also choose to follow only the most prominent sharers in any given topic of their choice like news, technology, entertainment etc.

Popular links and users are also available from your profile page along with the ability to search links. The popular section shows links in order of saves much like reddit would display content by number of votes, the leaders section is where you can find the top users sorted by category.

Commenting on content is also a social affair with in-page commenting which allows you to leave comments on a link youโ€™re visiting without having to leave the page. When you post a comment it is also mass-broadcasted to all of the users that chose to follow you in the same way that your link submissions are.

Socialbrowse dynamically adds a small icon to any content you have linked or commented upon on the original linked website, so when your browsing the websites you can easily see what other socialbrowsers liked too. These icon’s link to the social browser users profile and also contain information about their recent actions, submissions etc.

Small icon with hover.

When you hover over the users avatar the larger javascript box appears which contains details of the user along with information about what they have recently shared.

For us though it’s the firefox plugin however that we really couldn’t stop playing with and seems to be at the heart of the project. Submitting links to SocialBrowse couldn’t be easier as the plugin inserts some really nice features into your browser. we especially liked the sidebar features along with the little unobtrusive notifications.

The sidebar provides some really cool information on what your friends liked, linked or commented upon, which can be a great trusted source to discover new content or interact with others.

We can see SocialBrowse being a huge hit when it goes public, for now though grab yourself an invite an join us here you won’t be disappointed. We would also like to say thanks to Zack for the invites and if you want to follow Mark Zuckerberg on socialbrowse take a look here.

Visit: SocialBrowse

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Author: on July 28th, 2008

Category: Social Networking

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  1. Zack says:

    I’m the co-founder of Socialbrowse – thanks for the nice writeup! I will add that there’s certainly a chance that it’s not the real Mark Zuckerberg using our system — but who knows, maybe he’s a closet link sharing nut!?

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hi Zack,

    It’ a great service you have there and i’m really begining to find it pretty useful, as for Mark you mean to say it’ not really him? damn it ๐Ÿ™ :p hahah. We kinda guessed it’s like the fake steve jobs ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the “Would The Real Mark Zuckerberg Please Stand Up” tag though cheered me up no end.

    Best of luck with the project and we wish you every success in the future.