Social Web CMS 1.0 Released.

Social Web Content Management System (SWCMS) has released 1.0 of their open source social news content management system. SWCMS forked from Pligg after the 9.9.0 release and since then has released hundreds of security fixes, scores of bug fixes, and worked rapidly on simplifying and modularizing the entire codebase.

You can read the full, celebratory announcement on the official SWCMS blog. Additionally, they have established a long-term roadmap for development of SWCMS which includes a number of significant feature enhancements such as elgg integration, rewritten search functionality, and extensive documentation.

For those who have been using Pligg and considering how to move forward, SWCMS is an excellent alternative with easy instructions on moving over (simplified due to SWCMS being a fork of the Pligg codebase).

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Author: on October 13th, 2008

Category: Social Web CMS

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  1. palPalani says:

    I’m palPalani from India, regular visitor of your site.
    I’m using your pligg9.9.1, shall i update with this version?

  2. davemackey says:

    I would recommend it. 🙂 You’ll find numerous bug and security fixes. We’ve also posted detailed upgrade instructions regarding templates over on our forums.

  3. Zeegal says:

    For those who need a professional template for theirs SWCMS website, I’ve just released a great one:


  4. Winson Yeung says:

    Well, can you teach me how to upgrade that ?
    I just install pligg version 9.9.5 yesterday…. and today i saw this new version…

  5. David Mackey says:

    Go to the website and visit the forums. We have documentation explaining how to move from 9.9.5 to SWCMS as well as a very helpful community that will quickly answer any questions you may have.