Social News Sites That Are Aimed At Bloggers

The social news revolution has exploded into all areas of media now with players like yahoo, mixx and digg all now competing for the mass traffic in an already overcrowded market. We already know that if you blog posts is lucky enough to make the front page of digg you can expect between 60k and 100k of visits depending on time of day etc. With so many blogs on the larger sites receiving 2 – 5 votes are there any alternatives dealing only in blog posts? actually there are quite a few niche social news sites catering only for bloggers they wont bring a digg effect of traffic but they will help get your content more exposure than a 2 dugg digg link.

After writing our article a few days ago titled “45 Social News Websites That Can Get You More Traffic” we got to thinking about what are the actual real world rewards of submitting your blog post to the larger social news sites, especially if the submitted post only gets a small number of votes between 2 and 10. As you can imagine a 2 – 10 voted article on digg isn’t going to bring lots of traffic, truth be told the best you can hope for are a few pingbacks from people who have blogged your post and your post quickly being indexed in Google.

Another drawback of not getting a lot of votes is how quickly your submission can become lost amongst 1000’s of other 2 – 10 vote submissions in these larger sites upcoming news sections. The side effect of site popularity and lots of submissions has the complete opposite effect from the same popularity in numbers traffic that a published story would benefit from.

Believe it or not there is a side effect (Apart From Server Load and Bandwidth) to being published on a large Social News Site i will call the “hit and run effect”, visitors from digg usually read your content then head back to digg or off somewhere else. Simply because you hit the Front Page of Digg doesn’t mean a new 60K per day solid following of return visitors to your blog, the traffic will fade over usually a three day period.

Some bloggers will go for the big hit and why not, if you do make the front page of digg for example you can bask in the glory of your triumph. But why not use smaller niche Social News Sites as well that are dedicated to blog posts, granted the traffic isn’t as high but you have a better chance of picking up followers and being recognized more than having 100 posts on digg with 2 -10 votes.

Our overall philosophy is build up your following by utilizing smaller niche resources first, once you have a following they will digg articles you post more regularly hopefully putting on course for that front page spot. Also your content wont disappear from their upcoming sections as fast as on the larger sites giving people more chance to find, read and rate your content.

Rss as we mentioned is a great way to keep visitors returning make sure you RSS subscription is easy to find and also include email subscription if you can.

Social News Sites That Are Dedicated To Bloggers.

BloggingZoom is a place for people to discover and share content from any blog on the web. From the biggest online blog to the most obscure blog, BloggingZoom surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users

Blogsvine is a user generated, revenue sharing, blog bookmarking and blog post rating website. Anyone can submit their blogs or blog posts for free and earn Adsense Revenue.

Blogengage allows users to submit and control blog content.

If you blog like we do sometimes on subjects covering design you really should submit to designfloat as it’s one site in particular we we have had really good results from, credit to Andrew the owner of designfloat for keeping things going great over there.

Social News website for designers

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Author: on August 20th, 2008

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  1. Israel says:

    I would you missed on HealthRanker. I started it, I blog on my health, and meant it for a way to not only get health news, but for health bloggers to have a shot at promoting their sites.

  2. i recommend Blog Engage!
    I use blog engage to find out the latest and greatest posts after i read the ones submitted on my blog.

    If your wondering, Lincoln didnt mention mine as it is down while we work on some new features that will take it out of the normal ‘digg-clone’ state and into somthing NEW!

    Our original goal wasnt to be a ‘competitor’ to blog engage who actualy helped us with the theme, but to be a social network for bloggers which is what we are working on as we speak.

    If you were only aloud to pick 1, i would recommend Blog Engage.

    So – promote your blogs and i will see you on the other side of the tracks =]

  3. @Israel he meant site that have a focus on blogs.

    Health ranker is only for health sites.
    However, im sure Lincoln will keep an eye on your site and list it in a more appropriate post.

  4. Israel says:

    There is a common misconception that blogs are not “regular” web sites. That they belong in their category. A blog to me is a website. Period. Blog is just a fancy, catchy way to put a spin on it. Health Ranker is a health news social media site. We like contributions from health focused sites. Sites = forums, static sites, mainstream media giants, and blogs.

  5. joomlaturk says: pligg based Turkish joomla support website.

  2. Blogsvine