Scour: The Social Search Engine Launches

Scour: The Social Search EngineA new search engine service with a twist titled Scour has just launched into public beta, formerly known as aftervote scour aims to change web searches to a social affair. Scour is a search engine for the web2.0 generation gathering results simultaneously from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, these results can then be voted or commented upon. Members can also earn money simply by using Scour through the sites points system. Interested? We certainly were.

How Scour Works

When a User/Member performs a web search Scour searches Google, Yahoo, and MSN simultaneously and offers a mix of results from all these services combined. Users can also comment upon search results and vote a link Up or Down much like other social websites digg and mixx. When a Member searches they also earn points these point can then be redeemed for $$$ when a member has collected enough.

Each registered user earns points for each search, vote and comment they do for each keyword searched. When you’ve earned enough points you can redeem them for Visa gift cards sent directly to you.

  • 1 = Search
  • 2 = Vote
  • 3 = Comment

Below is the point to payment scale.

  • 6,500 points = $25
  • 12,500 points  = $50
  • 25,000 points = $100

This is a really nice feature for Scour as members get paid to do what they do everyday on the internet, and that is search for content on a search engine. Think of the amount of time you have spent on Google just doing searches, why not use Scour and get rewarded with some cash and all of it’s ajax goodness and social features. Scour also has toolbars available for IE and FireFox, using these toobars for searches also earn members points.

The search features on Scour are all configurable to your own preferences and the search works really well, with all the social digg like features that are included along with the searches Scour is one startup to watch closely.

Go register and account try out Scour for yourself, you wont be disappointed.


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Author: on July 13th, 2008

Category: Social Networking

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  1. Geoserv says:

    Never heard of Scour until now, thanks for the tip.


  2. bbrian017 says:

    I signed up I think it’s a great tool for promotional; reasons!

    I dind’t see a toolbar for FireFox 3.5 and when I download their toolbar it launched Internet Explorer and that’s not cool! I’m still toolbar less for FireFox!

  3. LincolnHawks says:

    hi brian,

    Go here

    And add the Firefox Searchbar Plugin 😉

    Now in your little quick searchbar top right of FF you can select scour, i have been falling in love with this service over the past few days. Now i just need to shake of this damn flu bug i caught over the weekend, hmmm maybe there will be some medical advice on scour haha :p

  4. Chris says: recently released a social search engine that does things slightly different. Instead of having to revise search results depending on user response, Me.dium uses previous search results and web surfing streams to produce more relevant search results without user response.

    Me.dium’s Social Search, which leverages the Yahoo! Search BOSS platform, provides an entirely new level of information on top of traditional search. Me.dium’s Social Search harnesses the activity of the crowds to let you find information that has relevance based on what people are actually surfing right now.

    Me.dium’s technology lets the inherent activity of real people – not robotic crawlers – determine relevance. Me.dium’s Social Search results show what people are surfing and find interesting, right now. While other search engines base relevance on how content links across pages, Me.dium’s Social Search shows you the most popular news, reviews, pictures and videos that other people are actually looking at in relation to your search term. And as the activity of the people online changes, so do the search results.

  5. David Mackey says:

    I could be wrong on this…perhaps you’d want to do a little digging…but I think this is the same company formerly known as younanimous and aftervote. Both of which still seem to exist as well. I like the site, though there are currently some glitches. I’m using it a lot right now, even though the rewards system is not very good…the results are decent and I love social search.

  6. Alex says:

    Hey Everyone!
    Just wanted to let you know that we’ve made our first payout to a Scour user. Hit the link below to read the full story!

    Search Socially!

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