Run WAMP as a php mysql development server on your PC with Pligg

wamplogo.jpgPicture the scene: It’s 2:00am you have been editing your website in a live environment and oops something went wrong now your site is messed up or offline and it’s now 2:05am, you usually have three choices at this point….

a) Try to find your bad code edit and fix it.
b) Restore a recent backup (If you have one) and lose some data.
c) Simply go to bed and dream about the most recent Lindsay Lohan pictures and fix it whenever you have time.

If your choice would be c) you can stop reading now and instead follow the article HERE, if you chose a) or b) please read on as we explain how to setup WAMP as a development server on your PC that will allow you to edit your site Code, CSS in relative safety and with no downtime.

What is WAMP

WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases and all in a simple installer package.

Includes :
– Apache 2.2.6
– MySQL 5.0.45
– PHP 5.2.5

Installing WAMP is pretty straight forward double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. Everything is automatic. The WampServer package is delivered with the latest releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP. For instructions if you need them visit here.

Once WAMP is installed it creates a tray icon when run this is where you can access all the features of your server.


WAMP can be used to run any php webscript, to run Pligg correctly a few modules need to be turned on first though.

For URL Method 2 to work on your development server you need to enable the rewrite module from your Apache control panel / Apache Modules which can be easily enabled from the WAMP tray icon.


When you have ticked the option rewrite_module restart your server, you will now be able to test SEO URLs etc with .htaccess rules.

Again in your WAMP tray icon go to PHP / PHP settings and double check that file uploads and allow url fopen are ticked, if not tick both and restart WAMP again.


Next Go to PHP / PHP extensions and double check that php_gd2 and php_curl are both enabled, php_curl isn’t required but other scripts you try may need it.

Restart your server one more time and double check all the settings if everything is ticked your ready to install pligg.

Setting Up Pligg On WAMP Server

Setting up a pligg install on Wamp server is exactly the same as on your hosting account, first off download pligg.

When you installed WampServer, a “www” directory was created (generally c:\wamp\www). Create a directory/folder inside \www for your project (Example: v2_demo) and put your Pligg files in it. Click on the link “Localhost” in the WampServer menu or open your browser and open the http://localhost address.


Here you will see your created directory v2_demo. Before installing pligg you will need to create a database so click the phpmyadmin link in WAMP and do just that.

Now click the directory v2_demo from the localhost page and you should be at your pligg install if not type http://localhost/yourdir/install and follow pliggs install instructions.

Database connection information for WAMP is normally below unless you change the main mysql settings.

User: root
Password: this is not required leave it blank
Server: localhost
Database name: your database name that you created from phpmyadmin

And there you have it a fully fledged replication of your hosting server only running on your PC. This system will allow you to make edits to your website without taking it offline for hours after an error, it also means you can test upgrades, modules and hacks etc before putting them live to your users.

Edits are also much faster to see visually especially with CSS as you are editing the files on your PC so no FTPing of is required to check the changes. Most importantly be safe and backup your site regularly as a lot of webmaster don’t do this, i do one backup per day that way if things go wrong you dont lose too much content.

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