Run Multiple Versions OF IE (Internet Explorer On Windows XP)

ie7.jpgMultiple IE the solution to your development browser consistency issues. Have you ever been editing the layout of your website and wanted to test the changes in multiple instances of IE Internet Explorer?. This short tutorial will show you how to install and run IE7, IE6, IE5.5, IE5.01, IE4.01, IE3 on a single install of Windows XP all from a simple one click installer. Never has it been so easy to double check those CSS changes.

First we will assume you already have IE7 installed and running on your current version of Windows XP.

Next you will need to download the Multiple IE Installer package from the bottom of this tutorial.

Once Downloaded run the installer and choose the versions of Internet explorer from the selection screen like below.


Follow the other on screen installer functions and your done.

Now you can easily check your templates in all versions of IE along with FireFox, Opera etc.

Article Update: We wrote a new post on this subject titled “Run Multiple Versions OF IE (Internet Explorer On Vista) With IETester” on the 2nd July 2009, please refer to that article for the software you need to run multiple ie under XP and now Vista too.

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Author: on February 7th, 2008

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  1. kieran says:

    awesome tool.. do you have support for ie 8 yet?

  2. Lincoln says:

    hi Kieran,

    Unfortunately this wont support IE7 or 8 🙁 and it also dont run on Windows Vista apparently hopefully the author will release a new version son that will work with vista.

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