RSS Importer Extended v0.6 Module For Pligg Released

rss_boite.pngWhen new pliggers setup a website the tend to lean on the RSS Importer module to insert content into a bare site, the official rss importer packaged with pligg does the job but was missing tag insertion and the layout was pretty basic and could become cluttered with lots of feeds inserted. RSS Importer Extended v0.6 looks to improve on the official module by now inserting tags with stories as well as having a much better and more organized layout.

RSS Importer for pligg that contains a number of fantastic new features:

  • Rearranged administration interface to be more streamlined. Now feeds are listed with the title and URL plus links to Edit, Delete, Export, Examine, and Import each feed.
  • Added a new Edit template to edit individual feeds.
  • Modified ‘Run anyway’ override link to only update the selected feed unless Import All Feeds is selected.
  • Added confirmation before deleting a feed.
  • Added functionality so that if a feed doesn’t have tags then keywords in the title are used as tags.
  • Added “stopword” list to prevent certain words from becoming tags.



RSS Importer Extended v0.6 Module For Pligg

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Author: on May 13th, 2008

Category: Pligg Modules

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  1. Lincoln says:

    Hi Scott,

    This version is no longer supported or available for download. Please visit the pligg forum to download the latest version.

  2. Hi Friend,

    Please some one help to fix this,

    i m using this moudle for pligg site, its working perfectly but the option automatic time updater not working, i set 1 hour for break time to get news but its not updating every 1 hour,

    please some one help me to fix this

  3. Great Moudle…

    We are now using this moudle for 3 pligg site..