Reddit Launches New Design Layout

redditlogo.pngReddit the popular social news site has just launched a revamped design, Reddit which was acquired by Wired Digital in late 2006 last had a design update way back in 2005. The new designs you will see doesn’t radically change the site and could be best described as a tidy up and streamline update.

The changes you will probably notice first off are the top navigation bar has been restyled and now includes a “Most Controversial” section, this section includes the stories that have received the most up and down votes. The right hand sidebar has also been redesigned with clearer Submission link and create your own Reddit links, and you can now display what categories you would like to see on the homepage by simply checking and un-checking categories in the sidebar.

Story links at Reddit have also been tweaked although you could be excused for missing the changes as they are pretty minor, added however are links to comments, reporting, saving and hiding.

Screenshot of Reddit Before Changes

Screenshot of Reddit After Changes

Reddit was never all shiny reflection laden web 2.0 tastic, but doesn’t need to be Reddit is fast with a mass of submitted content, lots of users and thats what really matters in the social news world. The fact you can also create your own Reddit site on any topic you wish gives Reddit the edge over most of the competition, if your not already a Reddit member head on over there and try it out.


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Author: on May 27th, 2008

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  1. bbrian017 says:

    Seriously I don’t think this “new template” is all that great! I have visited reddit a few times and can’t really tell the difference! If anything I think it’s the sidebar right? That’s what they changed? Maybe the header as well!

    One thing they have going is a fast loading website! Sometimes simplicity is good and in this case it seems to be working great for them!



  2. LincolnHawks says:

    yeah it’s kinda blink and you missed it changes.