poots.com Social Bookmarking With A Visual Flair

We see lots of social bookmarking sites that never really distinguish themselves from the crowd and all basically look and operate the same. poots.com is one of the very few we have seen that really brings something new to the fold with members being able to create cards to share and collect within the poots community.

poots.com Bookmarking With A Visual Flair

The first thing you will notice about poots.com is that visually the site design has been really well thought out and executed. poots features and subtle design touches throughout makes the site feel as though it’s just been in the TechCruch50 (Which It Hasn’t), thats how well designed this site feels and is a testament to Adam it’s Founder.

The bigger surprise to some is the fact poots.com has been deployed using Elgg and Pligg v8, and yes i did say v8 of pligg which is pretty old now but as you can see works really well at poots.com. Any pliggers reading this post will probably be wondering how poots manage top get pligg and elgg to run side by side and share the same login information across both systems. Adam the founder of poots explained a little about how this very rare integration was achieved.

Elgg and pligg are both sharing the same database. So we just made custom calls to the respective tables we needed. Then the cookie was modified to login you into the pligg side when you log in thru the elgg login page.

Then pligg pulls the usericon from the elgg side. I was the designer/concept on it and i worked with two amatuer developers who really learned alot as we put it together.

Poots.com focuses on members making virtual playing cards which consist of a picture and slogan. Anyone can post and comment on cards anonymously, but that content can be toggled on/off via the anonymous button at the top left of the site. There is a similar feature for worksafe content.

Registered members at poots gain access to a very customizable profile thats built on a heavily modified elgg heart which again is brilliantly implemented.

poots.com is one of the best new social bookmarking websites we have seen for a long time here at social cms buzz, well designed, great features and an innovative twist on the social bookmarking concept. poots.com is one site you don’t want to miss.

Visit: poots.com

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Author: on September 11th, 2008

Category: Social Networking

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  1. mecozz says:

    beautiful, unique and nice site

  2. Adam Poots says:

    Wow. What a wonderful review! Reading this has come as a pleasant surprise. Lincoln fails to mention that we are still going through many growing pains and currently we don’t support ie6… at all! But we are working pretty hard to keep improving things and add the features we had to leave out from our little launch.

    Again, thank you so much.

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